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April 10, 2023

Chocolate Elixir

This Elixir combines two powerful aphrodisiacs: cacao and ashwagandha. Ashwagandha is believed to procure the endurance of a horse to anyone drinking it, promoting vital health and energy! Sexually, it increases DHEA and testosterone, and shown to improve sperm count, semen volume, and motility in men with low sperm count.
April 10, 2023

Tulsi Lemonade

This lemonade has a sexy twist! Tulsi, also known as the 'Holy Basil', is extremely beneficial in treating male impotency as its seeds increase blood flow and strength in the penile tissue. and the arginine contained in the leaves can prolong the life span of sperm and consuming basil leaves regularly can prevent infertility. Lemon and limes have been shown helpful in improving erectile function.
April 10, 2023

Chaga Latte Elixir

With its vanilla flavor, chaga tea was used as a coffee substitute during WWII and has amazing antiviral, anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory properties and is loaded with antioxidants. This latte also packs several sexual aphrodisiacs such as fennel seeds and nutmeg powder. Chaga and cinnamon are also effective in stabilizing blood sugar levels, helpful in managing diabetes.
April 10, 2023

Blended Matcha Frappe

This Hormonize drink feels like luxury. It protects reproductive structures from free radical damage and boost immune function. Every ingredient matters: The detoxifying and immune boosting effects of matcha (also shown to protect against HIV, infections and cancer), the aphrodisiac and protective properties of dates on reproductive structures and the anti-inflammatory properties of pears and antioxidants found in cinnamon used in natural infertility treatment and cancer prevention.