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Phoenix Rising: 10 Weeks to Reclaim Your Power Cock

For men, struggling with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, who want to get it up and keep it up as long as they want to satisfy themselves and their partners and create magnetic connections.


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The place to be for couples wanting to experience connected love and intimate sensual sex in a safe and sacred space.

Nutrition & Lifestyle for Hormonal Balance

Do you sometimes feel, as you grow older, that your body doesn't quite behave or bounce back as it used to?

Society, your friends and maybe your health care professionals may have you think it's what aging looks and feel like?

It isn't so. Aging has nothing to do with it but your health does. 98% of the state of your health is determined by your choices of diet and lifestyle.


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Reproductive Health Webinars

HORMONIZE CLEANSE helps you to establish long lasting eating and lifestyle habits

Improve vascular health, nervous system responsiveness and hormonal balance for a more energetic life and more pleasure in the bedroom.

With HORMONIZE, you will learn how to reverse the wear and tear of the past decades, and to eat to maintain hormonal balance which determines the beauty of your skin, your physical strength, vitality and vibrant desire (for everything life has to offer) at any decade, and especially beyond 50.

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New Session APRIL 27TH-MAY 11TH, 2024.
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