Life-changing meal plans to reduce cholesterol, lose weight and impress your doctor!

Would you be proud if you could significantly lower your cholesterol and triglyceride levels, drop a lot of weight, and impress your doctor in just 4 months?

The secret is in eating a vegan (or near vegan), gluten-free, and sugar-free diet.

Now you may wonder what's left to eat when you have to get onboard such a seemingly restrictive diet and stop eating your favorite foods.

You should have seen the faces of my French Mom and Dad back home when I told them. They let out a "poor you... we're so sorry and... we admire your mental strength!"

Well, the thing is, (passed the initial mourning for lost cheese and crackers) you learn to focus on what you CAN eat and there is a lot of delicious tasty and satisfying foods out there that will cure your cravings and turn around your health.

Remember, you're taking this step to drastically alter the state of your health, the way you feel and look, drop your cholesterol levels, balance your blood sugar, lose all excess weight, and make yourself proud.

The Feeding Success Life-Changing Meal Plan, a monthly package of 4 weekly meal plans, recipes, grocery lists and Coach Corner, breaks it all down for you. It makes eating this way a no-brainer, whether cooking at home, or eating out with only 2-3 hours of prep on the weekend for 4-5 days of homemade food.

Every meal plan focuses on reducing inflammation and pain, as well as establishing and strengthening the digestive and immune systems.The meal plans are meant to be the antidote or prevention strategy for auto-immune and chronic illnesses, most of which start with a compromised gut. The results are unbelievable.

It's incredible how my body has quickly responded to the change and the amount of energy, clarity, strength and flexibility I've gained from being on this detox diet 24/7. My arthritis and herniated back pain are also gone and I take no medications. You'll also read Bruce's story below: He lost 20lbs in 3 months and he avoided being put on statins drugs by his doctor because his cholesterol levels dropped so much.

Note that while these meal plans are vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free, you can sweeten recipes or add animal protein to any dishes easily if your goal is simply to eat more plants without going all the way vegan. That's the way Bruce went. I went all the way and beyond to heal my own Irritable Bowel Disease without drugs in 4 months (no alcohol or caffeine for me either....). Regardless of our motivation, we all know that our health improves exponentially when we eat more vegetables. So even if you're not on such a strict diet, you can mix and match with your "regular" diet a sweet potato hummus snack and a coconut curry zucchini ramen noodle dish for example!

And to keep you on track and learning, each weekly meal plan features a Coach Corner: an educational one-pager covering topics such as how to choose quality olive oil, how to prepare seaweed, how to store produce to keep it from going bad quickly, and more. All meal plans combined cover 18 Coach Corners.

Each monthly Meal Plan includes 24 recipes

  • 4 "Solid" breakfasts
  • 4 Breakfast smoothies
  • 8 Main dishes (suitable for lunch and/or dinner)
  • 4 Soups
  • 4 Snacks
  • The Coach Corner page

Like Bruce describes in his story below, you can choose to partially adhere to the meal plan. Not everyone needs to be full on vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free but we can all add more vegetables to our diet. Create your own rules, such as eat only two vegan meals a day, or eat light vegan suppers every night a week. During my management consulting career, I ate the Feeding Success Meal Plan way and removed all alcohol and caffeine (even tea) while on the road for business from Monday to Thursday because it gave me more energy, helped me sleep better and stick to my daily exercise routine. I only allowed myself to eat some fish, chicken and eggs and consume alcohol in moderation on Friday-Sunday, when back home and able to relax. So experiment and make this new lifestyle work for you.

Life Changing Results


I haven't been following the Feeding Success Meal Plans religiously but it jump started my dietary change in January. My cardiologist wanted me to go on statins in January & lose 3 or 4 pounds! (3 or 4 pounds is a daily variation!)

I asked him how long a change in diet & exercise would take to show up in my blood test. He said three months.

During my three month experiment with the meal plans (no meat, almost no carbs (steel cut oatmeal for many breakfasts) & no added sugar other than fruit, I lost almost 20 pounds.

Cholesterol levels:

Jan 2018

  • Total 288
  • LDL 179

After dietary change April 2018

  • Total 196
  • LDL 97

Amazing! Thanks for your support!

All the best,

Bruce C

Feeding Success Life-Changing Meal Plans (FREE)

Each weekly meal plan includes 6 recipes covering 1 breakfast, 1 smoothie, 2 main courses, 1 soup and 1 snack:

  • Week 1: Wraps and Ramen Noodles
  • Week 2: Light Summer Meals

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Feeding Success Meal Plans Month 1 ($30)
  • Week 1: Featuring falafel and granola
  • Week 2: Featuring meals from Tunisia, Spain and India
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  • Week 4: Featuring pad thai and avocado lentil salad

Feeding Success Meal Plans Month 1 ($30)

Feeding Success Meal Plans Month 2 ($30)
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Feeding Success Meal Plans Month 4 ($30)
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  • Week 3: Featuring red force smoothie and tomato chickpea curry
  • Week 4: Featuring a New Mexico inspired meal plan

Feeding Success Meal Plans Month 4 ($30)