Hi, I’m Emma

I’m at my best in the midst of change and adventure; the most rewarding adventure being that of re-inventing yourself completely, times and times again, trusting that the best is yet to come.

I’ve reinvented my life and recovered my health many times & published a book about it. It tells the story of how anyone can use nutrition and lifestyle as the key to unlocking their potential and as a competitive advantage to build the career and life of their dreams.

My personal growth has inspired the evolution of my professional career in Corporate America and as an entrepreneur in the field of human health, fitness,  sexuality and spirituality, with a "rebirth" every 3-4 years.

We, humans, at the very core of our biology, are incredibly plastic and adaptable. As a transformation coach, I’m here to support you in your own personal change journey confidently and enjoy for a fulfilling, healthy and joyful life. I have several hats: an integrative nutrition coach, a personal trainer and yoga teacher and a Tantric Sex, Love and Relationship Coach certified in the VITA Method*.

I’ll guide you to investigate and challenge the life beliefs, mental constructs, unconscious patterns and obstacles relating to the areas you want to improve (health, fitness, sexuality, etc.) and that may get in the way of getting what you want. One way to guarantee that tomorrow will be the same old as today (disease, painful relationships, stressful job, sexual dysfunction, etc.) is if you drag your past into the present. I teach my clients to break free from old stories and create a new narrative for a better present and future for themselves rooted in their authentic nature.

My specialty clients found me (thank you!) and I work best with:

  • In the field of Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching: People who are ready to overcome a health crisis and explore complimentary, multidimensional holistic health modalities. I have experience with cancer, autoimmunity, obesity, diabetes and heart disease.
  • In the field of Fitness Coaching: Women over 50 who want to get in the best shape of their lives using a safe, diverse and "edgy" set training methods and tools I teach in my popular Fit & Fabulous Community Zoom weekly workouts. I also train one-on-one clients.
  • In the field of Tantric Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching: I specialize in male and female sexuality and Tantric sex. My sweet spot is to help men who want to reclaim their sexual power and vitality (especially overcome erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation). I also help women who desire to reconnect with their bodies and become more orgasmic, and couples who want to experience deeper connection and intimacy with Tantric sexuality.

I hold over 20 professional certifications. The main ones are from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the American Fitness and Aerobics Association, Yoga Alliance 200 RYT, and the VITA Coaching Method for Tantric sex, love, and relationship coaching. The VITA Method (Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach) practiced around the world by VITA Practitioners takes the most effective teachings of modern neurobiology, holistic somatic healing, and modern coaching and blend them with ancient wisdom and teachings from Tantra and Daoism.

I hold space for my clients with a lot of safety, empathy, love and compassion, and zero judgement on my client's cultures, life choices and struggles. I've lived and worked in many countries, speak several languages, have gone through hell and back several times in my personal health and in my relationships. I understand! Helping my clients build their character and strength through their change journey is my jam. I also leverage 15 years of experience being in leadership positions in corporate America, being a change management consultant, and following my heart as an entrepreneur to put myself in my client's shoes.

My two favorite personal mantras are: "Feel the fear and do it anyway" and "Meet yourself with love and compassion in your hardest moments".

More about how my personal story shaped my entrepreneurial path over the years in this BLOG.

Fun Facts About Me.

  • Born in France, lived as a local resident of Sweden then Switzerland for several years; worked in Germany, Africa (Congo and South Africa), Puerto Rico, and moved to the US in 2003.
  • Was a management consultant for PwC for 15 years in Sweden and the US on a 100% travel schedule. My last position was that of director in the Firm's Health Advisory Practice, supporting Big Pharma, medical device and biotech companies, hospitals and health insurance companies. I understand the views of each actor in the medical industry.
  • Healed my health many times with diet and lifestyle changes, working against medical odds and developed an immense trust and respect over my human body (Graves disease, ulcerative colitis, fractured back, multiple herniated discs, arthritis) and eventually decided to become a Coach and work "in the trenches" helping people on their personal health journey.
  • Published a book called “Feeding Success: A Nutrition Blueprint for Fuel Busy Professionals and Business Travelers”
  • Moved 25 times! Lived the "big historic home owner dream" in NYC for 7 years, then downsized 80% to adopt a tiny life and at times nomadic. My home is where my heart is.
  • Love riding my motorcycle on solo adventures around the country and developing new recipes in my kitchen.
  • I can live on black beans, mango, avocados, coconuts, oysters and cacao
  • Favorite superfood protein powder is the one I created: Zenberrymix
  • Favorite classes to teach: Antigravity Yoga, Spinning, Aquacycling, my Fit & Fab Morning Zoom Workout Classes and my Tantra Yoga Saturday Class on IG
  • I routinely teach Yoga and Group Fitness classes abroad: Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Panama.
  • My happy place is the beach. I love swimming in the ocean all year round.

Why Goji Fitness?

We're a lifestyle and nutrition company that will not advocate for one way to eat nor will we dare assuming we know what's best for you. Rather, we'll ask you questions to help you discover your own body's instruction manual and experiment to find out what foods and lifestyle optimize your body and mind. We'll help you change your ways and unlock your natural potential.

We're like goji berries, praised for their longevity, vitality and energy and with adaptogenic properties (which help the body adapt to stress and normalize bodily processes), Goji Fitness provides you with the knowledge and tools to understand how your body works and with this understanding, create your own bio-individual pathway to longevity, vitality and energy.