Hi, I’m Emma

I’m at my best in the midst of change and adventure. I’ve reinvented my life and recovered my health many times & published a book about it.

I’m here to show you how to approach change confidently and plan for a long and healthy life by, first, understand how your body works; second, craft a bio-individual diet and lifestyle that brings your health back into balance and increase your confidence and longevity; and third consistently execute on your healthy habits.

I’ll encourage you to challenge the life beliefs and mental constructs as well as diet and lifestyle myths that you operate under and which may get in the way of your personal and professional transformations.

It’s easier to make bold career and relationships decisions that bring you closer to happiness when you’re feeling vibrantly healthy, energetic and confident. It’s difficult to change jobs, build new relationships, move, try new foods and workouts when you feel exhausted, sick and depressed. You stay stuck in the status quo, with your aches and pains.

My professional tools are certifications in health coaching, functional nutrition, personal training, yoga and meditation, and Tantric sex, love, and relationship coaching as well as empathy and compassion and years in corporate America being a change management consultant and following my heart as an entrepreneur. Change, personal growth, overcoming limitations is my jam!

My favorite quote and personal mantra is: "Feel the fear and do it anyway".

More about how my personal story shaped my entrepreneurial path over the years in this BLOG.

Fun Facts About Me.

  • Had my dream 15-year corporate career in management consulting making it to the top of the ladder
  • Built 2 businesses and became an entrepreneur
  • Healed my health many times with diet and lifestyle changes, against doctor’s "uncurable" prognostic and recommendations (Graves disease, ulcerative colitis, fractured back, multiple herniated discs, arthritis)
  • Published a book called “Feeding Success: A Nutrition Blueprint for Fuel Busy Professionals and Business Travelers”
  • Moved 21 times, Lived the "big historic home owner dream" in NYC for 7 years, then downsized 80% to adopt a tiny life
  • Love riding my motorcycle on solo adventures around the country and developing new recipes in my kitchen.
  • I can live on black beans, mango, avocados, coconuts, oysters and cacao
  • Favorite superfood protein powder is the one I created: Zenberrymix
  • Favorite classes to teach: Antigravity Yoga, Spinning, Aquacycling, Yoga, TRX and Weight Lifting.
  • Avid learner, I’m always enrolled in school and hold 30+ professional certifications incl. an MBA, holistic health coaching, functional nutrition, tantric sex, love and relationship coaching, personal training, group fitness and yoga certifications.
  • My happy place is the beach. I love swimming in the ocean.

Why Goji Fitness?

We're a lifestyle and nutrition company that will not advocate for one way to eat nor will we dare assuming we know what's best for you. Rather, we'll ask you questions to help you discover your own body's instruction manual and experiment to find out what foods and lifestyle optimize your body and mind. We'll help you change your ways and unlock your natural potential.

We're like goji berries, praised for their longevity, vitality and energy and with adaptogenic properties (which help the body adapt to stress and normalize bodily processes), Goji Fitness provides you with the knowledge and tools to understand how your body works and with this understanding, create your own bio-individual pathway to longevity, vitality and energy.


When it comes to functional nutrition, the magic occurs when food meets physiology. There are no two people alike. A slice of grapefruit, for instance, will be processed and affect different people’s physiology and mental acuity differently. Through education and experiments, we teach you about your body’s systems and help you figure out how different foods, exercise, sleep, and mindfulness practices affect you. It’s eye-opening!

For Whom

Men and women looking for the instruction manual to their own body so you can specifically customize your diet and lifestyle to your health and life goals. If you’ve already tried dieting and made lifestyle upgrades but nothing stuck or fixed your issues completely, we sincerely believe that you operated under someone else’s manual. Your body is more complex than rocket science and your instruction manual is unique to you! Writing and following it won’t be boring and tedious like setting up your home entertainment devices!

Our clients happen to find us. Coach Emma is popular with busy young professionals looking to get it right earlier on in their career, inspirational mature women in leadership positions looking to stay on top of their game and modern men who seek mastery of their body and mind.