A nutrition, lifestyle and Tantric approach to re-balancing your hormones, increasing sexual vitality, optimizing your health and reversing aches and pains.

Would you like to learn how to support your body's natural inclination to self-heal and reverse the wear and tears of years of stress and poor eating and lifestyle habits? It's never too late to be the healthiest version of yourself NOW, at your current age. I just turned 48 and on the Hormonize lifestyle for 5 years, I've been able to get rid off debilitating PMS pain, maintain optimal levels of sex hormones, not feel the dreaded peri-menopause side effects, have high libido, heal chronic back pain, auto-immune disorders, and feel vibrantly alive and medications free. My body is my trusted ally to enjoy life to the fullest. Yours can too!


HORMONIZE is NOT a restrictive, generic detox diet. With HORMONIZE, you will learn how to specifically eat to support your body's hormones metabolism: secretion, optimal use, detoxification and elimination to come out feeling cleaner, lighter and more youthful. Using the power of fruit, vegetables, healthy fats and quality protein (animal and plant) over 14-days your body will be able to start reversing the 3 basic causes of disease symptoms: acidosis, toxicity and tissue weakness. You can continue on this journey for months, years or a lifetime if your body demands it.

HORMONIZE supports you to eat for Hormonal Balance. It's the particular focus of this Cleanse, because the right levels for various hormones determine our energy levels and vitality, the beauty of our skin, mental clarity, a sense of peace and joy, our physical strength, and a vibrant desire for everything life has to offer, including sexual turn-on (remember how much juice of life you had in your teens and 20s??). This level of vibrancy is available at any age with the right knowledge and tools!

How The Body and our Sexual Health Unravels

Weakness in our endocrine glandular system especially in our adrenals and pituitary glands begins to tip the scale really fast after we reach our 40's and 50's. The impact on our sexual vibrancy, our mental health, our metabolism, muscle and bones, our energy levels is HUGE.

For sexual vitality, the trifecta for fertility, healthy erection (and HERection:), and peak pleasure states is 1/ Hormonal Balance, with levels of estrogen and testosterone levels properly balanced with progesterone; 2/ Vascular Health, with blood flowing to the smallest vessels located in the genitals and; 3/ Nerves Sensitivity, for arousal to occur normally.

Adrenal gland weakness will cause many female and male general health disorders, including tanking your sexual health causing erection problems, impotency, premature ejaculation, prostitis and even prostate cancer for men. For women, adrenal weakness can manifest in fertility problems, lack of libido, lack of pleasure, vaginal dryness (no, it's not age or menopause related!), and even worsen into ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, fibrocystic issues, a-typical cells, fibromyalgia, and estrogen related cancers (breasts, ovarian, cervical, uterine).

Adrenals weaken with repeated stress, mental, emotional, physical and chemical. One big stressor is found in all the irritants, stimulants and acid-forming foods we consume. HORMONIZE is the antidote.



The Program

HORMONIZE CLEANSE is a holistic nutrition, lifestyle and Tantric experience to support the body's hormonal and sexual health. It can be done at home or on the go, on vacation, during business travel, cooking or buying your food already prepared. The diet is suitable for beginners and advanced cleansers alike. The diet is composed of fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and limited amounts of pastured chicken and wild-caught lower mercury levels fish. We are striving to eat more alkaline-forming food and less acid-forming foods as well as Hormones Superfoods (with aphrodisiacs properties) to re-balance the scales. You'll learn what they are in the Program.

You're encouraged to completely let go of alcohol, red meat, dairy and eggs, refined sugar, beaked goods, white flower and processed foods for 2 weeks (but ultimately you decide for how long) and you'll be presented with options to accelerate further (or slow down) the detoxification process. Emma will support each participant in customizing their Cleanse.

The HORMONIZE CLEANSE is an invitation to deepen your self-care by bettering your sleep hygiene, introducing meditation and Yoga into your day to day, Tantric sexual energy practices for Men and Women (separate classes) and other habits that are cooling inflammation, soothing to your nervous system and support healing.

Context: A Sense of Urgency

Hormonal issues can often start occurring as early as their decline begins at 30 years old for men and women, but horribly, it's happening faster and faster. In 2023, men's testosterone levels are those of a man 65 years old in the year 1980... 50% of the humans in age of reproduction are infertile. In the US, 1 in 2 male has cancer and 1 in 3 women.

We are all hormonal, no matter whether we're younger, older, male or female. We all produce insulin, thyroid hormones, stress hormones and sex hormones. Hormones are the chemical messengers that shape the way you look, feel, think and move. Our external appearance and internal well-being is a direct product of our endocrine and reproductive systems hormonal secretion.


The HORMONIZE CLEANSE will give you a head start to balance your hormones naturally and begin to lose weight, especially in the mid-section of your body, most affected by inflammation, hormonal imbalance and stress.

  • A 14-day meal plan, recipes, hormones superfoods list, Spring grocery list, supporting hormonal metabolism, especially the detoxification of excess estrogen, stress hormones and balancing blood sugar levels. The food on the plan is also known to increase blood flow throughout the body by improving blood vessels health, increase nerves responsiveness by addressing causes of nerve degeneration and reverse nerve damage, and support adrenals health and balance your hormones.
  • Educational weekly webinars and live Zoom Check-in Calls
  • A list of aphrodisiacs, superfoods, and elixirs that will get your juices going while improving all your health markers.
  • Vitamins and Minerals Supplements and herbs optional recommendations to cleanse used-up stress and sex hormones which may contribute to hormonal disregulation and support adrenals, kidney and liver health (your fat burning boss and health gate keeper)
  • Live Group Yoga Classes for Hormonal Balance and Tantra Sex Classes for Men and Women

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