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Ever felt like no matter what you do,
you can't seem to get out of your head when trying to have sex?

It's difficult to get an erection or keep it up long enough to satisfy your partner and you're worried they may lose interest and look elsewhere?

Do you intuitively feel that there is more to sex than "thrust and burst" and would like to explore the bigger connection and power of your sexuality?

PHOENIX RISING: 10 WEEKS TO MAGNETIC MASCULINITY AND RECLAIMING YOUR POWER COCK is a one-on-one Tantric sexuality, nutrition and lifestyle coaching program to help men get out their heads, reclaim their Power Cock, and create the intimate connections they most desire. Sexuality starts with the physical body, and expands to emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. This customized program will meet you where you're at and support you in your personalized exploratory reclamation.

  • Do you have difficulties getting it up with a partner, yet feel ok on your own?
  • Do you ejaculate too quickly and aren't able to last the 60-minute necessary for your lady to reach boiling temperature for her to experience a vaginal, cervical and full body orgasms?
  • Do you have low sexual desire?
  • Do you feel disconnected during and after sex from your partner?
  • Does your sex feel blend, repetitive and uninspiring?

This program helps men learn tools to overcome erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, reclaim their sexual sovereignty and confidence in the bedroom and in life. Potential side-effects:

  • Increased sex drive and energy levels
  • Increased embodied presence, body sensitivity and harder erections
  • Increased attraction to partner and connection
  • Lasting longer in bed and deeper orgasms

The Phoenix Rising Coaching Program helps men develop a glorious relationship with your cock, increase circulation and sensitivity in their genitals, amplify sexual energy and get out of their heads.

The kind of connection you'll develop with yourself to get it up and keep it up is one that'll take you down the path of understanding/releasing/rewiring trauma (be it a physical injury or emotional hardship), subconscious blocks and protection mechanisms that are holding you back from experiencing strong and reliable erections, experiencing peak pleasure, and fulfillment in your intimate relationships.

Further, a Power Cock reflects the physical health but also the strength and confidence of a Man. Premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, if you have a clean bill of health, may reflect moment of stress and mental anxiety or may mirror back moments of shame, fear, judgment, criticism, that have hurt you and kept you small over the years. An erection is connected to a man's physical health, emotional heart (that sense of feeling safe, loved and desire) and mental health (the stories and beliefs looping in your head). Introspective and somatic coaching will help free your cock and unlock your highest potential for intimacy, love and relationships.

If you need assistance to improve your physical health, Emma is able to propose a nutritional and fitness approach to support normal erectile function, focusing on the trifecta of great sex:

  1. Increasing blood circulation
  2. Improving nerves sensitivity
  3. Balancing of sex hormones
A variety of personalized tools and practices to help you get to the root cause.
Emma uses a variety of somatic tools from holistic, Tantric and Taoist sexuality traditions. These tools will help rewire your nervous system, change outdated patterns and beliefs system, deepen your body sensitivity for greater pleasure capacity and more. They may include breath work, mindful masturbation, meditations, sexual skills, relationship communication tools, inner child work, feminine and masculine energy work, tantra yoga, etc. whatever is needed on any given session.
  • 10 one-on-one sessions of 90-minute each over the course of 3-4 months, depending on your speed of integration.
  • Daily actions and practices to develop new habits and skills
  • Unlimited email/text support
  • Access to live and recorded classes, such a Tantric Date Nights tutorials and special workshops

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