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“Before working with Emma I was lucky to last 10 to 15 minutes before cumming and my reboot time was at least a couple of hours.. sex was sometimes painful as my wife struggled to get any wetness. In a period of less than a month, you have transformed our sexual lives. My reboot time had shortened dramatically. I can maintain an erection even after cumming. She is definitely wetter and OMG her juices taste so good.. her pussy smells so much nicer too… when I say we’re going to have an early night she looks forward to it knowing she will have love making for nearly two hours …… I’m working on going longer! Her attitude towards pleasure and sensations has changed too, certain things that were off limits no longer are. My wife is loving her new man and I’m loving the new woman in my life….

l’ve awakened new sexual desires she never knew she had. Emma your lessons are just amazing .. never knew love making could be so amazing .. Following your lesson “Slither Like a Python” I just held my penis inside her whilst we cuddled and kissed felt my penis go soft and then hard and soft and various stages of hardness.. it was almost as if her vagina and my penis were communicating.. there was no thrusting… just my penis deep inside of here… she loved feeling my cock going hard soft… moving about inside of her.. so amazing we just held each other for ages… touching… caressing each other kissing … My cock and her vagina seemed to have a life of their own.. it was fascinating to feel and as I was gazing into eyes I could tell she was on another level. I could truly hold her close and look her in the eyes to let her know how beautiful she is and how much I love her…

Emma you are an amazing coach who has taught us that there more to sex than just trying to make her man cum. Socially I feel more confident… I’m more aware of the importance of personal hygiene.

Thank you.”

~ R.Italy.

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