Y. G. | Goji Fitness

I walked into my coaching with Emma not knowing quite what to expect, but assuming there would be a lot of talk coaching like most coaching sessions. Boy was I wrong (In a good way). What I experienced really went so above and beyond my expectations. Emma is a warm, and affirming coach. I was blown away by the container she created. I’m not usually ok sharing emotions in front of others, especially someone I just met, but something about that container really helped all emotions flow in a surprising way. I learned how to check in with my body, why I reacted certain ways, and the exercises we did even helped reframe how I saw core parts of myself in empowering ways. I feel like I took baby steps in learning how to support myself in ways I didn’t have before. And this style of coaching is SO much more effective/fast than any talk therapy or coaching I’ve ever gotten in the past. My experience with Emma was genuinely amazing. She was present, reflected what I communicated back to me in powerful ways, tailored her style to meet my needs, and she will be an amazing coach to others. I would recommend her without reservation and hope to continue to work with her in the future..”

~ Y.G.

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