E. G. | Goji Fitness

“My time in sex and relationship coaching with Emma has been nothing short of transformative. From the very beginning, I felt that the space she created was safe, inviting, and warm. Emma is so amazing that I decided to continue the program with her for additional sessions. She always checks that my goals and her proposed exercise feel right for me. She encourages me to answer a question fully. She is patient when I move into my thought patterns and she guides me back towards my feelings and gives loving praise when I find my way back. She has created such a beautiful routine in our meetings which always start with celebrations and end with naming our favorite part of the time together. Her warm energy feels supportive and makes taking emotional risks feel possible and positive. I trust that she will help me find myself through an exercise even when it feels hard. I know that she genuinely cares about me and my journey and that makes me feel seen and empowered and safe. Emma shares notes from our sessions which help me remember what we spoke about and give me something tangible to return to during the week. Those notes are so valuable to me and I truly appreciate the time, energy, and expertise it takes to assemble them. I have never felt so connected to my feelings and so at home in my body. Her warm and present energy, immense knowledge, and ability to communicate concepts make her an exceptional coach”

~ E.G.

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