J. H. | Goji Fitness

“Probably the biggest indication that I have found our work together valuable is that I’m continuing!! 🙂 I’m actually so grateful to have found Emma because she came at a time when I had become acutely aware that my pattern of overthinking was not serving me. And I knew that the answer was in my body, at a somatic level but I didn’t know how to access or unlock it. I needed help tuning into my heart and my body because I can be so in my head, especially in dating. 

I’m grateful for the safe container she’s held for me. I feel seen, validated and affirmed by her. And softly led and guided in this work. I can sense how present she is in our sessions. There is a beautiful integrity and importance around her work that I can feel and appreciate.  I find her prompts and questions help me go deeper and draw connections that are really illuminating. And I love the session recaps! Her session recaps emails have been really valuable because I find our sessions so dense and full of insights that it’s helpful to have to look back over to process and integrate.”

~ J.H.

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