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Train With Emma

1, 5 or 10 personal training sessions (50-60 min long), in-person at your home, gym or virtually using Zoom Technology.

  • 1 session: $140
  • 5 sessions: $650 ($130 a session)
  • 10 sessions: $1200 ($120 a session)

The workouts are tailored to your needs and may focus on strength training, cardio, flexibility and balance training, agility training or core strengthening as well as a private yoga class tailored to your unique body and needs as well as a private yoga nidra meditation session.

Emma trains indoor, outdoor, in-person or virtually over the internet. Equipment may include dumbbells, gliding disks, cross-core/TRX equipment, ballast ball, indoor spin bikes, aqua aerobics or aqua cycling, etc.

Get ready to sweat!