There’s no single path to health and happiness.

We all have different bodies, minds, and goals that require unique approaches to harmonization.

The Coaching Program

Create Your Own Wellness Vision.
Based on YOUR version of what optimal health and wellness will look and feel like for you. You will identify what you want to experience, create, or achieve by imagining yourself living your ideal life. Emma will use somatic coaching to help you get out of your head and into your own body, using a 5-sense reality.

Crowding Out.
Add a lot more foods that support your Wellness Vision in your daily diet, week after week and start transform your body and mind. Every week, Emma will introduce a different nutrition focus for you to consider integrating in your life.

Establish Your Own "Moderation" Rules. Do this around the foods and habits that you believe present an obstacle to achieving your Wellness Vision. Emma will facilitate discussions and provide science-based research to help you find your happy middle. Your own Moderation Rules will keep you enjoying life while slowing down aging, balancing hormones and lessen the state of inflammation, root cause of all chronic illnesses.

Raise Your Consciousness.
You'll choose a mindfulness tool to raise your level of consciousness and aliveness in your day to day, that will provide amazing support to make your new habits stick, build your confidence to carry out your Wellness Vision to completion and transform yourself.

Don't go at it alone.
The Group and Emma's professional and intuitive holistic health coaching will hold you accountable and support you every week to reach new levels in your personal transformation.


Weekly 90-min Zoom Video Call

  • Mondays 12PM EST.
  • Starts Monday January 23rd
  • Ends of February 27th.

Online Coaching Platform
Providing coaching materials and handouts and coaching call recording.

The 6 Week "Listen In" Course Overview