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Are you chronically constipated, sluggish or bloated?


Did you know that you can hold 20lbs of toxins and feces in your colon? America is constipated! and even people who go to the bathroom daily are not empty... Our diet of salt, excess fats, inflammatory sugar, processed flour, grains, toxic meats, chronic dehydration, a sedentary culture and a nervous system running on fight or flight takes a toll on us. Digestion and Excretory systems are either shut down or sub-performing. As a result, we feel bloated, experience headaches, lethargy, feeling depressed, fatigued, heavy, skin issues, restless sleep, inflammation, aches and pains, etc . CLEAN START is 1 week of plant-based nutrition and yoga to support healthy digestion and our excretory system.:

  • Plant-based meal Plan and Recipes supporting alkalization, detoxification and regeneration processes.
  • Yoga Classes every evening before bed time for digestion, elimnation, and restful sleep
  • Commit to a little more  sleep, rest and relaxation than usual to accelerate healing and the body's natural elimination of toxic waste
  • Education about your body and a community to support you and share your wins with
We are what we eat and do not excrete. If you want to let go of old waste, and feel more energetic, cleaner, lighter and more vibrant, this Cleanse is for you.

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