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The 10-Day Fall Body Rejuvenation Program will transition you to a seasonal diet to rejuvenate your digestive, immune and nervous system and support your health during the Winter season. It will also help you accelerate any health and fitness goals you're currently working on.

NOURISHMENT. You'll eat foods that reduce inflammation, prevent the creation of excessive mucus in your digestive tract and lungs, avoid foods that cause respiratory deficiency and damage your digestive, immune and endocrine system. These same foods will normalize your weight, bodily functions, re-hydrate your skin and balance your hormones.

YOGA AND MEDITATION. You'll connect with your mind-body using movement and breathing to clear negativity and stress. Emma will lead several gentle yoga and meditation classes to support your cleansing and rejuvenation process. You will also have the opportunity to do more vigorous group fitness classes virtually if you desire. We'll move and take care of our circulatory system, nervous system and skin every day!

Expect to come out of the Program feeling lighter, calmer, focused and ready to carry on the immune building diet and lifestyle throughout the season and the pandemic. In addition, Emma will share and help you implement additional recommendations which can help you boost your immune defenses or re-balance your sex hormones (especially post menopause) if you're interested in addressing these concerns during your Rejuvenation. 

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Feeding Success Focus Experiment

Just one example of the courses that will transcend the cookie cutter approach to health and wellness. Goji Fitness will help you decode your body's instruction manual rooted in your unique health and life history and zero in on the nutritional and lifestyle systems that work for you.

Feeding Success: Eat, Sleep and Exercise Your Way To The Top!

Increasing your well-being translates to better work opportunities, more fulfilling relationships and a fitter body. I created experiments to help you zero in on what food (not diet) and lifestyle work for you and make your new healthy habits stick. That's a bio-individuality in the service of vibrant health, success and longevity.

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Sleepy time!!!! How early do you go to bed in the winter?

My favorite thing in the winter are the longer nights; more sleep, slower and cozier evenings at home! Honor the season and go to bed wayyyyyy earlier!

To my Fit & Fabs we’re on at 7AM tomorrow for Upper Body Blast! (Your muscles are asking you to go to bed earlier too!).

Naturally, 9PM is my body’s favorite winter bed time. 10:30 is more summer time sleepy time. You? Do you feel a biological difference between winter and summer?

#cozyvibes #bedtime #sleep #recovery #fitness #musclegain #immunesystembooster

This is the most important thing I’ve learned in 2021: Meeting myself and others with compassion.

Compassion has also led me to better my practice of patience, little by little.

Compassion is the starting point and the way every time I need to rise above myself. My actions are more loving and kind in the space of compassion. Very powerful emotion.

Try it: when you feel down, angry, anxious, frustrated, afraid. Pause. And meet yourself with compassion. Let yourself feel. Soften. Understand without judgment. Let the defenses, the guards down and comfort yourself. Don’t try to fix anything. Just be compassionate towards how you feel or how someone else’s feel and just be present. And see what happens next… ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

#compassion #kindness #love #unconditionallove #selflove #forgiveness #patience #yoga #yogateacher #meditation

A fun little project… made the cover art for @dancoriomusic latest single which airs today on all music platfoms: Heartbreaker. If you like rock music, you’ll have a blast listening. Give them a like and follow too:)

#music #coverart #love #heartbreaker #musician #artist