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The 10-Day Fall Body Rejuvenation Program will transition you to a seasonal diet to protect the health of your lungs and the host (YOU!)  to stand a better chance at resisting and overcoming the COVID-19 if contracted.

NOURISHMENT. You'll eat foods that reduce inflammation, prevent the creation of excessive mucus in your digestive tract and lungs, avoid foods that cause respiratory deficiency and damage your immune system. These same foods will normalize your weight, bodily functions and re-hydrate your skin.

YOGA AND MEDITATION. You'll connect with your mind-body using movement and breathing to clear 2020 negativity and stress. Emma will lead several gentle yoga and meditation classes to support your cleansing and rejuvenation process.

Expect to come out of the Program feeling lighter, calmer, focused and ready to carry on the immune building det and lifestyle throughout the season and the pandemic surge. In addition, Emma will share and help you implement a home-based antiviral supplement protocol proven effective to prevent or limit symptoms of a virus infection, and which is the only known way, right now to increase your chances to strengthen your immune system for the coronavirus. The at-home, over the counter (and cheap!) protocol was published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine. 

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Feeding Success Focus Experiment

Just one example of the courses that will transcend the cookie cutter approach to health and wellness. Goji Fitness will help you decode your body's instruction manual rooted in your unique health and life history and zero in on the nutritional and lifestyle systems that work for you.

Feeding Success: Eat, Sleep and Exercise Your Way To The Top!

Increasing your well-being translates to better work opportunities, more fulfilling relationships and a fitter body. I created experiments to help you zero in on what food (not diet) and lifestyle work for you and make your new healthy habits stick. That's a bio-individuality in the service of vibrant health, success and longevity.

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Someone asked me today “what do you expect from a man?” and OMG! I was stunned by my gut felt answer (the quote).

The only thing that came to my mouth, like straight from my soul was: “NOTHING”.

I expect nothing from a man other than enjoy his love and company.

I don’t need him to “complete me”, to save me, to heal me, to protect me, to provide to me. Because I’m already complete, and come to a relationship container feeling whole. I WELCOME his protection, his love, his care, his financial support and whatever he wants to freely give me but I don’t ask for it, I don’t NEED it and I certainly don’t want him to feel societal pressure to comply with a gender role. I already give myself these things.

The man for me is one that stands strong in his own power, on his own two feet, and his power is not defined by his care of me. For me, a “real” man’s power is defined by his emotional intelligence, his physical strength, his FREEDOM, the beauty of his heart and soul, his ability to grow, adapt and bounce back, his integrity, his talents, the way he serves his community, loves his family, seeks justice, protects the weak and frail and the way he chases his own dreams.

This is such a different approach to relating than I had for the past 20 years of my life.

I have been doing my own emotional work, my own healing work to be the ONE and doing so it changed how I relate to other people.

I am a more complete and authentic Emma and my wounds are healing to the point that I no longer NEED a partner in my life to validate me to feel happy or secure in my own skin. I feel more whole now than I ever have and it is an ongoing process.

I want a relationship container where both he and I can come together as wholesome individuals to have fun, amazing connected soulful sex and hold each other’s space to grow, heal, regenerate and realize our dreams.

The man I want (not need) is the one I am in love with. And I am loving him unconditionally and in freedom. For all that he is, not for what he would give me. I love him because he just is and he touched my soul, without pressure and without expectations.

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Sun Salutations B.
Third video in my Sun Saltations series. Hold downward dog for 5 breaths and repeat 5 times.

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