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Prepare for the season with a Fall Cleanse

Our Fall Body Rejuvenation Course: The Yoga Body Lifestyle is a full-body cleansing and rejuvenation protocol to prevent or treat illness. It's a bi-yearly or yearly self-care modality for all bodily systems.

Assess your Ayurveda Body Type (dosha) across 5 profiles: mental, behavioral, emotional, physical and fitness.

Eat specifically for your dosha, to cleanse and strengthen all bodily systems and restore your natural constitution.

Establish a daily mindfulness, exercise, and yoga practice with videos and coaching.

Integrate essential oils in your regimen to support digestive and immune systems, better sleep and energy.

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Fitness, Nutrition, Mindfulness and Health Blogs and Recipes that keep you on your path towards better health, one small step at a time. Motivation is the starting point, knowledge and practice get the job done.


Feeding Success Focus Experiment

Just one example of the courses that will transcend the cookie cutter approach to health and wellness. Goji Fitness will help you decode your body's instruction manual rooted in your unique health and life history and zero in on the nutritional and lifestyle systems that work for you.

Feeding Success: Eat, Sleep and Exercise Your Way To The Top!

Increasing your well-being translates to better work opportunities, more fulfilling relationships and a fitter body. I created experiments to help you zero in on what food (not diet) and lifestyle work for you and make your new healthy habits stick. That's a bio-individuality in the service of vibrant health, success and longevity.

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Yoga teachers do more than yoga to build their bodies up!!! New video shooting wrap up for the YOGA BODY LIFESTYLE master class which starts Nov 2nd. Leg day workouts for Pitta (Summer), Vata (Winter) and Kapha (Spring) #ayurveda Body types. Kaphas need more explosion and HIIT training even though they resist it. Pittas naturally seek HIIT training but need to go more steady into strength endurance to lessen heat and inflammation. Vatas need to cultivate focus and have more difficulty building muscle mass, their workout includes balance training. These workouts can be done anywhere and anytime. Tomorrow, core yoga video shooting! 2 more weeks to sign-up! Link in bio.

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JET LAG Essential Oil Blend that works incredibly well!!! I pulled an all nighter on the flight from New York to Madrid last night putting the final touches to my Yoga Body Lifestyle Master Class. See my little eyes as I deboarded the plane! But I felt focused and productive and still feeling awesome now and able to keep working. No sign of fatigue. The secret? My JET LAG EO rollerball blend which I rubbed on my feet in the airplane. I felt the difference instantly. It was a cooling sensation all around the body. The feet are a fast zone of absorption for essential oils. I’ll share many more blends for busy professionals on the Master Class which starts on November 2. Here are the oils in my rollerball:
🌱 #bergamot
🌱 #coriander
🌱 #cedarwood
🌱 #lavender
🌱 #peppermint
🌱 #rosemary 🌱 #coconut oil as a carrier oil
I buy my oils at @revive_essential_oils
I hope I can teach you more on my program, sign up at link on bio if interested.

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