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The Clean Start 7-Day Plan will help reboot your body and expand your mind to start afresh.

NOURISHMENT. You'll start with a short water fast to deeply calm, soothe and purify your systems and transition to seasonal plant-based recipes to nourish your digestive, immune and cardiovascular systems.

YOGA, MEDITATION AND LIFTING. You'll connect with your mind-body using movement, breathing and writing with the ultimate goal to shift your mindset, come up with an inspiring 2020 personal vision and ignite the fire to take consistent action.

Expect to come out of the Plan feeling lighter, calmer, focused and ready to take on the world! The 7-Day plan includes a Zenberry Vegan Superfood Protein Power Pack to energize your days, yoga and exercise videos, meal plans and live coaching from Emma

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Fitness, Nutrition, Mindfulness and Health Blogs and Recipes that keep you on your path towards better health, one small step at a time. Motivation is the starting point, knowledge and practice get the job done.


Feeding Success Focus Experiment

Just one example of the courses that will transcend the cookie cutter approach to health and wellness. Goji Fitness will help you decode your body's instruction manual rooted in your unique health and life history and zero in on the nutritional and lifestyle systems that work for you.

Feeding Success: Eat, Sleep and Exercise Your Way To The Top!

Increasing your well-being translates to better work opportunities, more fulfilling relationships and a fitter body. I created experiments to help you zero in on what food (not diet) and lifestyle work for you and make your new healthy habits stick. That's a bio-individuality in the service of vibrant health, success and longevity.

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Bringing my other home 🇫🇷 ❤️ to my own kitchen today... I’ll share the recipe when internet is back on. I use the French pressure cooker mom bought me years ago ... a tradition in my family... women pass down pressure cookers 💗 so we can cook delicious healthy meals for the men and women we love 💕..

And I got myself some delicious New Jersey organic heirloom tomatoes this morning as a special ingredient and substituted onion for shallots and using Thai eggplants... my herbs of Provence also have dried lavender flowers in them... feeling inspired!!!!

#cooking #homecooking #ratatouille #summermeal #nutritionist #nightshades

What if your life did not belong to you? In truth, life belongs to death... So live life as if you were on the verge of death, because you are.

This thought has been on my mind all week. And letting the concept that my life is just borrowed time sink in, has filled me with so much LOVE, JOY, GRATITUDE with all of my heart for everything and everyone. It’s also been easy to just let go of low vibration emotions, like anger, fear, tension, stress, worry, sadness, guilt, etc. there is no time for that. There is no need for that. Whatever event caused these emotions is long gone. Why so much aggression, competition, envy, etc. I have no more tolerance for it. I just surrender now. It’s incredible.

I had to cancel all of my work yesterday and today because of power/internet outage and rather than working myself up I just decided to surrender and have a beautiful day taking a spontaneous road trip that filled me with so much love and joy and connection with people yesterday. I can’t explain it but am stuck on Cloud 9. Life is pure ECSTASY!

Let me shine some positive vibes on you too! Hopefully internet back on tomorrow and I’ll see you in yoga at 7AM beautiful souls!

#love #life #lovelife #yogateacher #yoga #yogalife #personaltrainer #lemondress #holistichealth #happiness

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