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Working Your Dream Job: Meet Dan Corio Music

Working Your Dream Job: Meet Dan Corio Music

Ever wonder what it feels like to live your dream?

This chat I recorded with Dan Corio will hopefully give you a glimpse into living your passion and how to transition career, when the time is right, with drive and focus. I am no stranger to career transitions having had several careers myself, always following my heart and taking risks. I could relate to Dan’s sense of self-motivation, discipline to train, purpose and constant learning in both his old and new career.

Dan is now a full-time musician, singer, songwriter, guitar player and performer. With his brother, Sean Corio, they perform under @dancoriomusic.

Here are his social media links: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tik Tok

And you can find his new song “Heart won’t let me love her” on every music platform (Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, YouTube).

As a holistic health practitioner, I think that doing what you love and are passionate about everyday is a huge factor to live a healthy and vibrant life. There’s a lot less emotional junk eating and depression when you’re happy!

Dan made the transition to being a full-time musician after retiring from a 20-year career in the NYPD, with most of his career in the Scuba Elite Team with Shane, who introduced us, and ESU doing SWAT type work.

I’ve worked with Dan in a yoga and nutrition capacity and appreciate his outgoing personality, sense of humor, independent thinking, physical and artistic abilities and a no BS straight-forward attitude. It takes guts to choose music as a full-time career amidst a pandemic crisis and I wanted to support him and Sean and turn you on to their music.

Another fun fact, Dan hired me to create some art for his song as he knows I am also reconnecting with the artist I used to be when I lived in Europe. It was a fun time and I am very grateful for the opportunity! Check to see the picture of the final design that he chose:)

We all have talents and dreams and we’re here on this earth to achieve them and enjoy every moment. I hope this chat inspires you to chase your dreams too and that you enjoy the spontaneous demo he gives of his new song “Heart won’t let me love her”!



Dan Corio Music
Working Your Dream Job: Meet Dan Corio Music

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