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What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid?

What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid?


With Labor Day weekend around the corner, I’m coming out of my absentee status (did you notice I was absent from your inbox?) to share my thoughts about how to approach September and Q4 strong. This August, I retreated in my creative cave and asked myself “what can I challenge myself to do better? What new BOLD business venture can I tackle?” And I found one. A big one, 4 weeks ago, which I immersed myself in. I’ll tell you more soon but I’d like to invite you to take Labor Day weekend, between the BBQ fun, to do a little introspection and ask yourself how you can play a BIGGER role in your surrounding world.

Despite having good intentions, many people live their lives on autopilot, not fully experiencing themselves in the world around them. And while activities such as yoga, exercise, and meditation may help, many find it difficult to remain focused on what’s possible when confronted with the challenges and demands of our fast-paced and ever-evolving society.

Take a moment to picture yourself in a tranquil atmosphere, separated from all the distractions you regularly encounter. Then, ask yourself:

What would I do if I wasn’t afraid?

Use the following 5 steps I learned at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to help identify and cultivate the dreams and desires that exist for you at the core of your being.

1. Identify Your Obstacles
Are there any obstacles in your life that you know you need to confront but have been avoiding (i.e., speaking up to a boss, ending or mending a romantic relationship, losing weight)?
Sometimes fear can debilitate us to the point that we get stuck in denial and make excuses around important issues.
2. Give Fear a Shape
Ask yourself what you are most afraid of. What factors contribute to your fear, what triggers it, and what gives it power over you? Also consider the ways in which your fears have been getting in the way of your happiness and success.
3. Visualize Your Dream Life
If not for other people’s judgments and expectations, what would you be doing with your life that you feel inhibited from doing now? Make a list of as many things as you can think of, big or small, that you would do if you weren’t afraid.
4. Break it Down
Once you become consciously aware of your authentic self, you can begin to confront the areas of your life that are not in alignment with your truth. From there, consider creating a few small,  reasonable goals for yourself each week to get yourself moving in the direction you want to go.
5. Celebrate Your Milestones!
Each time you successfully overcome a meaningful obstacle, take the time to share your accomplishment with others. Plan a small party or social outing – whatever feels appropriate. It is important to celebrate your feats with people you love. This will help to strengthen your support network and inspire you for future endeavors. Remember, transitions can be challenging, but this is your life! Remain committed to the process of self-discovery and be open to exploring your passions in healthy, honest ways. Once you begin to see fear as an opportunity rather than a hindrance, you will create fewer limitations for yourself, and the Universe will guide and support you along the way!

Next week and throughout September I’ll be back with nutrition advice. If you know my story and how I started Goji Fitness and Zenberry, you know that manifesting the life of my dreams started with eating in a way that would feed my success. Each food I choose to eat and choose NOT to eat, directly affects my energy levels, health, resilience, creativity and self-confidence and in turn how I show up at work and in my relationships.

I’d love to hear what you’ll take on in the latter part of the year, challenging your fears, to play a bigger role. Use the comments below to let me know!

Warm regards,

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