Stephanie | Goji Fitness

“This doesn't feel so hard!

After a few years of doing Emma’s Programs I realized I've been slowly changing and improving the way I eat over the last few years, so the way we are eating feels easy now. And I've been losing weight!

I've been wanting to shift a few pounds for a few years, I tend to lose some weight but then swing back up and hover at 61 Kg and find it hard to keep at my ideal weight (which would be about 55Kg, currently I'm at 58 so have lost around 3 Kg).

I would like to see how I can prolong the good progress and stay at a lower weight for long enough to change my set point and then keep my good eating habits going.

Finally, and it speaks to the effect the Cleanse has on our sex hormones, in just 10 days on the program, my period is lighter this cycle. Usually, my period is very heavy in the first few days with a lot of clots. This time around it was still strong but lighter and more manageable with no leaking. That's a big difference for me!”