Pamela | Goji Fitness

“HORMONIZE 2021 was a perfect way to dive into the warmer days.

I love the focus on seasonal food and the delicious recipes. Emma gives wonderful tips on getting in touch with your body through eating healthy fresh foods and practicing self-care.

Every year I learn something new in the cleanse as I detox my body after a winter of over-eating and drinking. I shed some extra pounds, reset my eating and drinking habits and took time for myself. This was a welcome start to a new season -- a time to learn new rituals and continue to practice old ones.

Being part of a supportive community really helped me stay the course. I particularly liked the recipes, meal plans, the daily encouragement and check-ins, the yoga sessions with personal attention, the discipline of doing it with a group and the structure around the eating, sleeping, supplements, meal time etc. I found the shorter talks -- on mushrooms and lubrication -- to be great. I liked the discipline of fasting one day a week and hope to make that a regular occurrence.

I feel grateful to have such a knowledgeable guide as Emma on this journey."

October 6, 2022


So in just 3 days of more water and eating more greens I feel so much better.
October 6, 2022


“I think it's kind of funny/ironic that this HORMONIZE has to do with sex hormones because -- I don't know if this is happening to everyone -- there is suddenly a tsunami of erotic energy in my world!!! ”