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The Yoga Body Lifestyle Master Class

Want a strong, flexible, balanced and lean body with a focused mind?

A Yoga Body is first and foremost about unearthing THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF. On all levels. The only way to get there is to follow a diet and lifestyle specifically meant for you and your specific mental and emotional aptitudes, and unique body type. The Yoga Body Lifestyle proposes a bio-individuality way to eat and live, meant to keep you thriving. We'll experiment with this approach in the next 30-day Yoga Body Lifestyle Master Class, starting on January 7th.

Our bodies are intelligent and well built. It can function well for 100 years without needing repair, when treated properly. Your life can be as grand as you dream it to be, when you treat yourself well. The quality of your life's achievement is directly proportionate to the quality of your self-care.

The Master Class is 50% Nutrition and 50% Lifestyle. You can focus on both aspects or choose just one. It is based on 5,000 year old teachings from Yoga and Ayurveda (Indian medicine system). You'll be introduced to a daily self-care schedule that you can customize, a plant-based meal plan based on your specific Ayurveda body type (limited amounts of animal foods are permitted if you cannot go all the way vegan) and several body type specific yoga routines to strengthen, lengthen and focus.

This Program can be done at home, cooking your own food, or on the road, ordering food in restaurants. If you're a frequent business traveler, the Yoga Body Lifestyle will teach you to order foods that balance your nature and avoid or mitigate the food that aggravates your health. This diet will be your new best career growth asset. I promise.

So how do you get a Yoga Body?

  • Week 1: Find out your body type and re-educate your body to burn fat.
  • Week 2: Reduce food cravings by shopping, eating and stretching yourself calm.
  • Week 3: Cleanse the body, stabilize blood sugar and establish good self-care habits with a Panchakarma (7 day Ayurveda Detox).
  • Week 4: Complete the body rejuvenation to burn fat faster and longer by eating, sleeping and exercising for all-day energy.

We'll also be practicing yoga, the way your body was intended to practice, in a personalized way, to build your physique, fitness and mental clarity.

And no, you don't need to be flexible, touch your toes and be strong or healthy to practice! And yes, you can continue to practice other forms of exercise.

The yoga practice includes 3 video tutorials, with class transcripts and yoga pose glossary for each body type.

Goji Fitness,
Creator and Founder

Emma has helped several hundred people kick start or fine-tune their journey towards better health with her
Body Rejuvenations seasonal programs.

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Catja K

"Some feedback on the effects of Emma's yoga body lifestyle Master Class- I am amazed. I have only implemented life style things, like regular sleep, WARM lemon water in mornings, and WARM water throughout day, and eliminated all kappa- irritating foods like hard cheeses, nightshade veggies, salty/sour combo stuff. No yoga, none of Emma's recipes YET, just her food list and guidelines for my body type!! And my body has shed 6 lbs and the general level of aches has reduced by half I would say. I am sooo excited. So I would like to take it to the next level, by doing your course again, and starting to include yoga and your meal suggestions. Even the cleanse.

I am glowing! Honestly, it’s amazing. I thinks it’s the eliminating of the wrong foods that’s so impactful up to this point.

Emma's Master Class is full lifestyle makeover, and that’s why I could not do it all in one round. I did basics which she supported, next round is to up to full implementation. The thing that gets me is how much more I love being in my body. Treat your body well and it will treat you well in return... sort of thing. It’s the emotional well being that’s tied into the physical stuff. I KNEW all that already, I AM a yoga teacher for goodness sake, and still .... I got massively OFF-TRACK after a traumatic event disrupted and destroyed the course of my life.

Emma! Your program was the reset button that I needed. LOVE what you put into this world!!"

- Catja K.

Rachel C.

" My goals signing up for the Yoga Body Lifestyle Master Class was happiness, lower my stress levels (I had just moved states, changed job, frequently traveling and dealing with health issues) and “eating myself calm”, instead of stress snacking.

During the program, I learned to trust my body to heal itself when I take proper care of it (vs going to the gym every day thinking that will make me stay in shape, etc). Prior to the program, I relied too much on the gym not that it's a bad thing because I love physical activity, but days when I am too busy or too tired, I still forced myself to go because "I have to" and "I need to be skinny." I learned to listen to my body, and “Stress Less”, which was the Class’s motto for a month and eat and move in accordance with my Ayurvedic Body Type.

I changed my habits in a way that is sustainable in my busy life and went through a major paradigm shift for me: I am not going to push myself to do EVERYTHING every single day, and that has honestly been one of the most refreshing and stress reducing things. I've been doing the Kapha (body type) yoga every morning and not running and I feel even lighter than if I were running every day!

I've never felt better!! I gained so many positive results from your program and support, Emma!! Mentally, I know my weaknesses and now (thankfully because of you) have some steps to take to make me stronger.

You really have a gift, Emma. You are kind and thoughtful and really try to understand the person I am and can really dig deep into what I am feeling, just on a phone call! It honestly helps me the entire year as I learned a lot of new things about my mind, body and balancing out my body type that help me sustain a healthy lifestyle.”

- Rachel C.

Sierra S

"Emma and Goji Fitness have helped me become healthier, stronger, and achieve some hard to accomplish goals. The most recent Body Rejuvenation has been my favorite detox I have ever done. I’m a long time Goji Fitness programs attendee, the food, smoothies, juices, and recipes are something I’m still making 2 weeks after the conclusion of the detox.

I have lost 17 pounds in 21 days, my skin has cleared up, and I have started jogging every morning with my dog, Enzo. He’s a high energy Siberian Husky mix and I never thought I could keep up with him. So far we do 1.5-2 miles every morning.

It’s so rewarding to get our exercise together and I have finally found an exercise I look forward to doing every day thanks to Emma and Goji Fitness. "

- Sierra S

Nadia Z.

" I wanted to tell you that with only being mindful of my meals eating habits following the Ayurvedic guidelines you shared with us on week 1, (3 meals a day, warm food mostly, reducing my coffee intake to 1 or 2 with a meal, drinking tons of warm water, etc.) and being extremely consistent with my yoga practice that I reduced a great deal of the bloated inflammation in my body. My weight which used to easily creep up to 114/115 lbs when I traveled and even when I was at home has stayed consistently around 111 lbs but most of all I’m loving the feel of my body. I am not skinny but I’m fit and strong and that feels so good. Thank you this was such an unexpected consequence of following your course.”

- Nadia Z.

Pamela W

"Every season I look forward Emma's Body Rejuvenation Cleanses! The early morning yoga and meditation centers me for the day. The vegan menu offers delicious and filling recipes and the evening rituals help me get ready for sleep. I feel lighter (10 pounds down!), happier and ready for the next season---and challenge. Thank you Emma! "

- Pamela W

Emma has helped several hundred people kick start or fine-tune their journey towards better health with her Body Rejuvenations seasonal programs.

This Fall's Yoga Body Diet approach was actually what transformed her own health and paved the way to her career as a nutritionist a decade ago and eventually an entrepreneur when she left Corporate America 5 years ago. Listen to her story:


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