Nutrition & Lifestyle for Hormonal Balance, Vitality & Body Connectivity!

Do you sometimes feel, as you grow older, that your body doesn't quite behave or bounce back as it used to? Society, your friends and maybe your health care professionals may have you think it's what aging looks and feel like? It isn't so. Aging has nothing to do with it, your health has. And 98% of the state of your health is determined by your choices of diet and lifestyle.

As we grow older, the wear and tear of years of  eating the wrong foods and living under stress will start to show in your blood tests, but if you choose to really do right by you, you can reverse the wear and tear and finally feel alive and vibrant. At any age, you can wake up full of energy and hunger for life, without aches and pains, without a growing belly or having to take medication. Our body is designed to operate smoothly, with strong muscle and at a healthy lean body weight, sharp brain and sexual vibrancy for a 100 years!

Would you like to feel more connected with your body, and know that you can control the way you look and feel to live a fuller and more pleasurable life?  With HORMONIZE, you will learn how to reverse the wear and tear of the past decades, and to eat to maintain hormonal balance which determines the beauty of your skin, your physical strength, vitality and vibrant desire (for everything life has to offer) at any decade, and especially beyond 50.

HORMONIZE CLEANSE will help you establish long lasting eating and lifestyle habits to improve vascular health, nervous system responsiveness and hormonal balance for a more energetic life and more pleasure in the bedroom.


“Signing up for and participating in HORMONIZE is the single greatest thing I have done for my health and well-being in a long time. I honestly didn't quite know if the program was for me, or if what I hoped to achieve would be possible, but I can now say that this program would benefit almost anyone, no matter their age or health background. Some added perks were that I lost a couple of pounds during the cleanse and am still losing, but the biggest benefits were all of the insightful information and knowledge I gained to improve many things that have plagued me for some time - too much stress, weight gain, low libido, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, inflammation, fatigue, and more. Much of this you wouldn't learn from a traditional Western medicine doctor - it felt like the greatest gift to receive this information all in one easily digestible format. Since coming out of the cleanse I feel great, and am so appreciative that much of what we learned can easily be incorporated into daily life even after the cleanse is done. It was also great because everything was recorded so even when I was unable to join things live I could watch at my own pace (and am continuing to watch and learn even after the cleanse is done). Emma is a true advocate for her clients and champion. I felt like I was in a cocoon of support throughout the cleanse and can't wait to join the next one."

The Program

HORMONIZE is a holistic program which includes nutrition for hormones balance, vascular and nervous system health; yoga for fertility, menopause and better sex; tantra pleasure practices and meditations for body connectivity (such as breast massage).

The HORMONIZE CLEANSE will begin to address health issues pertaining to vascular health, blood sugar imbalance, neuropathy and hormonal imbalance such as sleep, energy loss, weight gain, stress intolerance, low libido, mood swings, anxiety, digestion issues, as well as memory and cognitive issues

Hormonal issues can often start occurring as early as 30 years old. Hormones have a bad rep but really, we are all hormonal, no matter whether we're younger, older, male or female. We all produce insulin, thyroid hormones, stress hormones and sex hormones. Hormones are the chemical messengers that shape the way you look, feel, think and move. Our external appearance and internal well-being is a direct product of our endocrine and reproductive systems hormonal secretion.

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Read more for the Ladies:
Ladies, you can be "juicy" and glowing at any age, preserving your curves, a beautiful skin, and achieving greater amounts of pleasure and self-confidence than you ever had in your 20’s and 30’s when you were busy “making it”. As a modern woman, often caught in the stress of a competitive hectic professional life, we often remain in our hard, masculine, yang energy and forget to switch back to our natural default setting: our feminine yin energy. It is in our feminine essence that women can relax, resource, find peace, ease, connection, sensuality, love, openness and renew our creative juices. It is also in that place that our stress lessens and we can we regenerate our adrenals, find hormonal balance, preserve our sex hormones, especially our estrogen levels.
Read more for Gents:
Gentlemen, with diet and lifestyle, you can preserve your testosterone, prevent aromatization (conversion of your testosterone in estrogen) and reduce estrogen dominance (cause of the beer belly and man boobs), grow muscle mass and be more sensitive, multi-orgasmic and exploratory sexually than ever before.


“This doesn't feel so hard! After a few years of doing Emma’s Programs I realized I've been slowly changing and improving the way I eat over the last few years, so the way we are eating feels easy now. And I've been losing weight! I've been wanting to shift a few pounds for a few years, I tend to lose some weight but then swing back up and hover at 61 Kg and find it hard to keep at my ideal weight (which would be about 55Kg, currently I'm at 58 so have lost around 3 Kg). I would like to see how I can prolong the good progress and stay at a lower weight for long enough to change my set point and then keep my good eating habits going. Finally, and it speaks to the effect the Cleanse has on our sex hormones, in just 10 days on the program, my period is lighter this cycle. Usually, my period is very heavy in the first few days with a lot of clots. This time around it was still strong but lighter and more manageable with  no leaking. That's a big difference for me!”

Our Goal

The goal of the 14-day HORMONIZE CLEANSE is to achieve vibrant general health, support the body's healing pathways if you are fighting an illness and improve sexual health and well-being. The ultimate sexual and reproductive health is rooted in vascular health (optimal blood flow to the genitals), nerves responsiveness (pleasure, satisfaction, orgasm) and adequate levels of sex hormones, based on a balanced endocrine system pyramid.

Understanding Hormonal Balance

Read more about Hormonal Balance:
Few people understand how their endocrine pyramid works and as a result, become "victims" of the changes occurring in their bodies as they age or unable to become pregnant despite all seeming "normal". But with a little education, one can preemptively change one's diet and lifestyle to feel your sexy and vibrantly healthy - no matter your age.
A healthy, youthful body, longevity, inner peace and a sharp mind depend on striking the right balance with all of your inter-related hormones.
The challenge is that the "right" balance and levels of each hormone is bio-individual. My normal is not your normal. Your "Hormonize" education will help you understand what normal and abnormal levels feel like for your body and enable you to take action to manage changes as you grow older.

The HORMONIZE CLEANSE will give you a head start to balance your hormones naturally and begin to lose weight, especially in the mid-section of your body, most affected by inflammation and stress. You will be given:

  • Nutrition Do's and Don'ts and a 14-Day HORMONIZE CLEANSE meal plan and recipes to increase blood flow throughout the body by improving blood vessels health, increase nerves responsiveness by addressing causes of nerve degeneration (diabetes T2 for instance) and eat to reverse nerve damage, and balance your hormones
  • Aphrodisiacs, superfoods and elixirs as well as the ideal Date Night Meal Plan that will get your juices going while improving all your health markers.
  • Introduce pleasure practices to reduce stress, soothe your nervous system and get your juices going
  • Breast massage ritual from the tantra tradition to increase voluptuousness in your breasts, pleasure, increase circulation and drainage of the breast tissue and establish and a deep connection with your heart’s feelings (For Ladies Only)
  • Live and recorded yoga practices for strength and vitality and connecting your physical body with your spiritual energy
  • Supplements and herbs recommendations to cleanse used-up stress and sex hormones which may contribute to hormonal dysregulation and support liver health (your fat burning boss and health gate keeper)


(3 days into the Cleanse) “Hey, so just need to let you know how good I feel today. I have been quietly suffering with lower back pain for months now.  To the point that I felt like a cripple getting out bed in the morning and wincing with pain when brushing my teeth.  It takes me a good 30 mins first thing doing all the wonderful stretches and twists to get things moving, but the twinge of pain throughout the day reminds me it's still there.  I do have scoliosis and a couple of messed up vertabrae and I think we probably need a new bed - so a bit of a combo. Sooooo, today was the first time in a long while that I got out of bed and didn't even think of the pain only to think wow I didn't have it:-).  My husband even said that I looked like I was feeling better and that I looked more relaxed in my body.  So in just 3 days of more water and eating more greens I feel so much better.  Thank you so much for doing these cleanses as they always remind me of how much more I need to incorporate more greens and fruit on a daily basis.  I already use a lot and realize it needs to be so much more.”

- Amy


“I think it's kind of funny/ironic that this HORMONIZE has to do with sex hormones because -- I don't know if this is happening to everyone -- there is suddenly a tsunami of erotic energy in my world!!! I feel more voracious and sexually awakened now, and I am over 50, than I was before! I feel beautiful, powerful, sexy and certainly attract a lot of attention, Without getting too deep into it, it feels like all the rules are being rewritten and there is much more possibility of freedom and reinventing your life. What food should I eat to help navigate all these men?! LOL”