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2021 Fall Body Rejuvenation

Ready For Your Best Heath This Fall?

WE KICK OFF ON OCTOBER 23RD, UNTIL NOVEMBER 6TH! Ready to adopt good dietary and lifestyle habits that increase energy, lean out your physique and support your exercise regimen or start one you can stick to? Or would you like to accelerate results towards some of your own health goals with the help of an Ayurvedic Cleanse with real warm foods (no green juice fast in October!)?

In addition, the Fall Body Rejuvenation Program will help you transition to a seasonal diet and lifestyle that will support the health of your lungs and the host (YOU!)  to stand a better chance at resisting and overcoming the seasonal cold and flu (or COVID-19) if contracted. At the end of this 10-Day Program, you'll feel more knowledgeable, cleansed and rejuvenated and have a plan to follow for the rest of the Fall and Winter.

For women interested in balancing their hormones as part of the cleanse, and try to further reduce belly fat, Emma will include a "Hormonize" Clinic to help you integrate a few more steps to regulate your estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels concurrently with the Fall Body Rejuvenation. These are simple steps that you can carry on with all Fall and Winter.

By the end of the Fall Body Rejuvenation, you'll be in a position to consistently make the right choice for your health:

  • Eat the foods that maximize the body’s anti-oxidative capacity and natural immunity to prevent and minimize symptoms when a virus attacks the human body. The host environment is crucial,
  • Avoid/limit the most inflammatory foods to support the health of your lungs and immune system,
  • Build physical and mental resilience using exercise, yoga, meditation and positive mindset,
  • Release the tension accumulated in your soft tissues and nervous sysem over the course of a 3-day gentle Ayurvedic Cleanse in the middle of the 10-Day Program. You can choose your dates.

This will feel GOOD!

Our state of health is an evolution. We grow stronger with every action we take to care for our health; with every healthy bite of food, every workout, every mindful breath, every positive thought, every authentic action we take to follow our heart..

Feeling vibrantly healthy is a daily process. It starts with a DAY ONE.
The Fall Body Rejuvenation could be that DAY ONE for you.

The Program is kept very simple to alleviate the stress of the current state of affairs! We're going back to basics and focusing on CONSISTENT APPLICATION Cleansing and Rejuvenating your health should not compete with the rest of your life but INTEGRATE with it:

The 3-Day Ayurvedic Cleanse: to reduce inflammation in your body, cleanse your digestive system, support your immune system, and center your thoughts and feelings. Coach Emma will guide you through a 3-day fast consuming the traditional Kichadi and seasonal vegetables, hydrating with healing teas and trying several home-based Ayurvedic treatments (internal oleation, oil massage, steam bath, neti pot, etc). Your immune system is comprised of 3 layers: Your skin, your innate and your adaptive immune systems. The Cleanse will help restore skin integrity on the outside and on the inside (your gut), and support your innate and adaptive immune system which may be overworked by constant exposure to stress, allergens and irritants.
The 10-Day Seasonal Meal Plan: Prior and after the 3-Day Cleanse you'll eat a healthy seasonal and chemical-free meals, loaded with extra anti-inflammatory plants (quality animal food will be allowed for the non vegans, as well as vegan options). You will have to let go for 10 days of 3 foods that are known to create inflammation and excessive mucus in the lungs: dairy, sugar and white flour. Letting go of these foods will give a chance to your gut and lungs to clear mucus. After the Cleanse, the meal plan will help reboot your digestive fire and immune system, nourish your body's deep tissues and make you feel calm and peaceful. You'll leave the program with seasonal, cholesterol free, chemical free, anti-inflammatory and high fiber recipes that are delicious and great for every day. For pre and post menopausal women, there will be an option to include a few supplements which can help you detox used sex and stress hormones from your system and begin to re-balance your estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels (post menopausal women still produce sex hormones, just not in their ovaries).
Yoga and Meditation Emma will lead yoga flows and meditation to release stress in physically, mentally and emotionally. During the Fall Body Rejuvenation, you'll be encouraged to leave your cares and worries for 10 days, and connect with your heart to find inner peace. This Program is a space for nurturing yourself. Emma will show you how. Trust and surrender! Note: You can continue exercising during the Fall Body Rejuvenation, except during the 3-Day Cleanse to let your liver metabolize fat at a higher rate, and start repairing what needs fixing within.

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