March 19-31, 2017



SPRING IS HERE! Energize, cleanse your liver, shed winter fat and if sick, get on the mend with a supplemental sugar-free and salt-free detox track. It will feel really good!

Want to feel vital in your body and peaceful inside?

Tired of getting allergies every Spring?

Ready to explore how to use Spring foods for energy and healing?

Want to learn how to relax despite your busy lifestyle?

Curious to experience daily meditation and yoga at home with a certified instructor?

Would you like to learn how to integrate Spring foods and superfoods into your diet for energy?

If battling cancer, diabetes, auto-immune disorder, high blood pressure, Emma introduces you to a sugar-free and salt-free 12 day detox as well.


The 12-Day Spring Body Rejuvenation Program is a Spring detoxification program which will transition your diet from Winter to Spring foods and doing so, enable your body to naturally transform with the season change. Emma has led it since 2011 and changes it up yearly. This year, new recipes for all but also, an additional sugar-free and salt-free detox track. Too many people are being diagnosed with cancer, and pre-diabetes around her. She's putting her knowledge on the table for people battling for their lives.

In the Winter, the warm and heavy foods insulate us from the cold and dry weather. In the Spring, the seasonal foods help our bodies prevent congestion from the heavy rain and allergies as the weather warms up. Staying on your Winter diet is a recipe for disaster in the Spring. Instead the Spring foods prepare your immune system, regulate your fat metabolism, help re-hydrate your skin and detoxify your liver. The Spring is the time of the year where the liver and upper respiratory organs are the most active and need support. The Spring harvest is specifically designed to support the natural liver detoxification process and provide lots of much needed oxygen for the lungs and circulatory system. How convenient!

If you follow Emma's dietary recommendations throughout the Spring and adopt a nurturing lifestyle to support the natural changes occurring in your body, you have nothing else to do to be healthy. Your body will take care of business.

This 12-Day Spring Body Rejuvenation Program will provide you with knowledge about superfood such as super greens, sprouts, super fruit, diuretic herbs and roots and other superfood which will support your transition into the Spring. Superfood will make their way in your smoothies, soups, salads, warps, salsas and many more fun vegetarian dishes to choose from. Even ill people generally cannot do smoothies due to high sugar/fruit content will be able to this year.


It's like attending nutrition school: You'll learn a lot of new information about food especially this year how to integrate superfoods, super greens, seaweed and algae, herbs and roots into your diet for vibrant health.

It's like having your own private health and nutrition coach: You'll have access to Emma daily via a private FB page community as well as receive a daily email from her to keep you motivated and on-track. This information will be stored on an online course platform you'll have access to for the whole year!

It's like having a personal trainer and yoga teacher on your side: Emma will be teaching you a daily dose of yoga and mindfulness ranging from:
  • Meditation in the form of pranayama (deep breathing) and yoga nidra (deep relaxation),
  • Flexibility and balance training with yoga
  • Core training strengthening the abs and the back muscle
  • Legs, butt and abs training to tone and burn calories and leave you with a yoga-based workout you can repeat over and over
It's like staying at an at-home spa: You will learn how to practice daily self-care habits to keep your body really clean and renewed. Some of these include:
  • Morning lemon water
  • Neti Pot
  • Oil pulling with raw, extra virgin coconut oil, tongue scraping and other super fun ways to keep your mouth and teeth clean and naturally white
  • Dry skin brushing


Emma Galland, a certified holistic health and nutrition coach, has led similar dietary and fitness challenges, in October and April, for the past six years. This Spring’s virtual retreat is her way of getting in tip top shape as she turns 41 in April —-and those fortunate enough to join her—for the upcoming Spring months, while increasing energy, reducing stress, and upgrading eating habits. Emma—ever the student, thus the content of these Challenges is always changing—will help you learn new healthy eating routines and recipes that you’ll want to keep for life. Many of Emma’s retreat participants join her year after year, finding themselves refreshed and invigorated for the upcoming season once the challenge is complete.

No matter where you find yourself—at home, stressed with family responsibilities, or deep into a heavy travel schedule—Emma’s 10-Day Program will work for you. Emma, a former management consultant, used to travel five days a week for work, so this virtual retreat can be done from the comfort of your home or on the road. For you road warriors she’ll even share tips on how to get smoothies through TSA screenings! while helping you create a restorative atmosphere, like hers in her New York City home, no matter where you find yourself.


  • Day 1-3 are liquid with home-made smoothies. You will learn new knowledge about making the perfect smoothie. There are vegetable and fruit based smoothies. They all contain superfoods. There is a sugar-free and salt-free smoothie track for people battling disease (cancer, diabetes, etc.) or looking to lose weight fast.
  • Day 3-5 are vegan (no animal food). You'll eat vegetables, fruit (unless on sugar-free diet), nuts, seeds, legumes and whole grains (limited amounts if on sugar-free diet).
  • Day 6-12 are lacto-ovo vegetarian and pescatorian (also includes eggs and yogurt for people who eat these foods).
  • Eat less, Nourish More. The diet is superfood-centric and will focus on nutrient-density, making each ingredient count. You'll fall in love with food all over again!
  • There is a regular track and a salt-free and sugar-free track.


  • Proper diet: Fuels the body. The body gets the energy it needs to grow, work, and maintain itself from air, water and food. There is no one diet that fits all. Emma believes a proper diet is bio-individual, a concept that will be explored in depth during the 10-Day Spring Body Rejuvenation. During the Program Emma will have you take a vacation from your regular eating patterns. You'll enjoy a primarily vegetarian meal program to heighten nutrient density while lowering the digestive system's workload.
  • Proper exercise: Lubricates the system and helps keep the joints, muscles and other parts of the body functioning properly by increasing circulation and flexibility. Emma will teach you a new yoga routine which will prep you to increase your Spring and Summer exercise performance.
  • Proper breathing: Connects the body with its energy center to support and sustain activity. Find yourself out of breath? or just breathing shallowly, especially in times of stress? The Program will teach you how to breathe correctly to restore your mental and physical well-being.
  • Proper relaxation: Cools down the system and re-establishes balance. When the mind and the body are always working and working too hard on a continuous basis, the system - your system - just gets less efficient. Relaxation is nature's way of recharging the body and mind. I will teach you how to tap into that beneficial recharging effects everyday. Your autonomous nervous system, responsible for your body's unconscious systems like digestion, hormonal, cardiovascular, respiratory, etc. - will be recharged.
  • Positive thinking and meditation: Puts YOU in control. Just as a car needs an intelligent driver, so the body needs a balanced mind. For the 12-Day Program, Emma will conduct a virtual early morning meditation, breathing and yoga session. For those new to meditation along with experienced meditators, you will learn to focus your mind and increase your ability to concentrate.  a daily meditation session to focus your mind and increase your ability to concentrate. Positive thinking will help you begin to experience inner peace.


  • Boost your energy,
  • Lose excess weight,
  • Remove mucus accumulated over the winter by the heavy and fatty winter foods (which is partly the reason why we suffer from allergies in the Spring), 
  • Consume more diuretic foods to help you eliminate excess fat accumulated in your body over the winter
  • Establish a daily meditation and yoga practice,
  • Integrate Eastern self-care rituals to keep your body clean,
  • Learn how to relax more in your day to day activities, and
  • Declutter and simplify your life to reduce stress further
  • If battling cancer, removing sugar will cut fuel to cancer cells. We'll also add foods that are angiogenesis inhibitors (prevents cancer cells to create their own blood vessels to route nutrition to them). Salt-free diet is also recommended to cancer patients (along with high blood pressure patients)
  • If battling diabetes or having been diagnosed with pre-diabetes blood sugar levels, the sugar-free diet will really help balance/normalize your blood sugar levels.
  • If battling auto-immune disorders, joint pain and generally inflammatory conditions, going sugar-free, salt-free and increasing alkaline foods support the treatment of these conditions.


  • A Program e-book with day-by-day meal plan, shopping list and recipes to cook your meals at home (or order in/out if you're on the road).
  • Every day yoga, pranayama (breathing exercise) and meditation as well as yoga and exercise via the internet led by Emma (and recorded for replay).
  • A daily motivational and support email from Emma to keep you on track.
  • A private FB page to build community (for the live course).


If you like using a non toxic organic allergen-free vegan protein powder in your smoothies, I recommend my product Zenberry. It is more than protein. It includes over 40 superfoods, probiotics and enzymes. When Emma was struggling with low energy levels and a depressed immune system, while working long hours as a consultant on the road, she co-formulated Zenberry: A raw, vegan superfoods protein drink mix Zenberrymix which helped her boost her immune and digestive systems, heal Grave's Disease (a thyroid auto-immune disease), eliminate her sugar cravings and provide a cocktail of micro-nutrients to her body, including probiotics, enzymes, and superfoods. Use discount code spring17 to purchase Zenberry 15% off in combination with the Detox registration.


  • The program cost is $149.
  • If you decide to complement the Detox with Zenberry, choose especially if suffering from cancer and diabetes, Zenberry Green, Vanilla Chai or Holy Frappe which do not include added sugar or much fruit (only a little lucuma). The formula is sweetened with green leaf stevia. You can purchase Zenberry superfoods protein drink mix at 15% off with code spring17 if you want to supplement your smoothies during the program.
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