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Hi, I’m Emma Galland, and my passion is to inspire and help people through their own life-change process, starting with the food they eat. I grew up in France, a country of delicious food and wines! I not-so-secretly believe that I landed in the US in 2003 to share my love of gourmet cuisine, with a healthy twist, with everyone I meet. (My 6-hour-long gourmet dinners are infamous!)

It doesn’t stop at food. My holistic approach to nutrition and health, which I call Goal-Directed Nutrition, helps clients get clarity around their goals, align their belief systems to empower them, and create their own personalized diet and lifestyle to succeed. Goal-Directed Nutrition includes nutrition counseling, as well as support to nourish yourself beyond the food you eat. Examples of that are building healthy relationships, doing a fulfilling job, establishing a regular exercise routine and a consciousness practice. It's the total package.

I found the holistic approach after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and thyroid disease. I taught fitness and coached sports from the age of 19. For over two decades, I led classes in fitness alongside a successful (but busy!) career as a director for a leading global consulting firm. But after being given two months’ bedrest on doctor’s orders, something had to change. Suffering from Grave’s disease, hyperthyroidism, insomnia, arrhythmia, drastic muscle mass loss, anxiety, dizziness and tremors was a wake-up call. I turned my life around, experimenting with superfoods and nursing myself back to health. Zenberry, my raw vegan superfoods nutrition drink mix, was born from this experimentation and success story of healing.

I became a health advocate in the workplace to inspire and support fellow consultants, frequent travelers, and business clients to achieve nutritional and lifestyle balance in their busy lives with my wellness programs, talks and step-by-step support.

I left consulting for the entrepreneurial life to grow Zenberry and my coaching business, Goji Fitness LLC. Through Zenberry and my Goji Fitness coaching programs, I intend to create a greater ripple effect of health through the lives of busy professionals, athletes and people struggling to reclaim their health from disease.

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I innovate in my nutrition programs, in the making of Zenberry by using the best and rarest food available as well as a group fitness instructor. I designed a whole aquacycling curriculum for AQUA Studio, the first underwater cycling studio of its kind in the US. I designed and teach fitness classes for Crunch Fitness and just love to teach Axle Functional Training, aquacycling, spinning, yoga, Broga Yoga, Jillian Michaels’ BodyShred, TRX, Indoboard, Kangoo Jumps, BOSU bootcamp, and Grid-Core training. I also teach online group and individual fitness classes which enable me to reach people in the comfort of their home, their vacation home or a hotel room during a business trip.
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I have become passionate about bringing more men to the yoga mat and teaching challenging and transformational Broga Yoga Classes. Most recently, seeking men where they chill, aka the bar, I partnered with breweries to offer Beer and Broga Yoga Classes. More information and the schedule on Facebook.
Broga Yoga Press about my classes:

As a coach, I put the power back in YOUR hands.  

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I also authored a book: Feeding Success, A Nutrition Blueprint for busy professionals and Business Travelers.
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