7-Day Autumn Essential Body Rejuvenation
Virtual Group Program Oct 27th - Nov 3rd


Get back into focus this Fall with good eating and sleeping habits which boosts energy, reduces stress and increases your daily well-being!
It is not as hard as you think, especially with a simple plan and encouragements!

Did you consume a little too much sugar, alcohol, processed grains, cheese and meat this summer and trying to get back into healthy gear?

Tired of getting sick every winter?

Ready to explore how to use food for energy and healing?

Want to learn how to relax despite your busy lifestyle?

Curious to experience daily meditation and yoga at home with a certified instructor?


Emma Galland, a certified nutrition consultant and health care coach, has led seasonal dietary and fitness challenges, in October and April, for the past seven years. This fall’s virtual retreat is her way of preparing her immune system—-and those fortunate enough to join her—for the upcoming winter months, while increasing energy, reducing stress, and upgrading eating habits. Emma—ever the student, thus the content of these Challenges is always changing—will help you learn new healthy eating routines and recipes that you’ll want to keep for life. Many of Emma’s retreat participants join her year after year, finding themselves refreshed and invigorated for the upcoming season once the challenge is complete.

This October Emma will combine her usual Ayurveda inspired lifestyle which includes meditation techniques, self-care rituals, yoga, lots of easy-to-make yummy recipes, as well as a specific focus on creating restful sleep. Her recipes and lifestyle suggestions this year will be geared to calm down the nervous system before bedtime.

Emma believes that everything you feed your body can be either health promoting or disease promoting. Feeding success is about nourishing your body with the foods and lifestyle habits which create a ripple effect of health in your personal and professional life.

No matter where you find yourself—at home, stressed with family responsibilities, or deep into a heavy travel schedule—Emma’s 7-Day Program will work for you. Emma, a former management consultant, used to travel five days a week for work, so this virtual retreat can be done from the comfort of your home or on the road. For you road warriors she’ll even share tips on how to get smoothies through TSA screenings! while helping you create a restorative atmosphere, like hers in her New York City home, no matter where you find yourself.


Emma's Program this year has a new twist: Promoting restful sleep. She will therefore invite you to join her online before bedtime at 9PM for a relaxing night time ritual made of:
  • An evening tea
  • Gentle floor stretches
  • A short Pranayama (Breathing exercises to calm the mind, relax and oxygenate the body) and meditation session
  • Gratitude journaling
She will also lead several morning yoga sessions to gently wake the body up and focus the mind and yoga nidra classes a few evenings. The yoga classes can be executed by anyone regardless of body type, age and physical abilities. Emma will present modifications to accommodate every body.

  • Proper diet: Fuels the body. The body gets the energy it needs to grow, work, and maintain itself from air, water and food. There is no one diet that fits all. Emma believes a proper diet is bio-individual, a concept that will be explored in depth during the 7-Day Essential Body Rejuvenation. During the Program Emma will have you take a vacation from your regular eating patterns. You'll enjoy a vegan meal program to heighten nutrient density while lowering the digestive system's workload.
  • Proper exercise: Lubricates the system and helps keep the joints, muscles and other parts of the body functioning properly by increasing circulation and flexibility.
  • Proper breathing: Connects the body with its energy center to support and sustain activity. Find yourself out of breath? or just breathing shallowly, especially in times of stress? The Program will teach you how to breathe correctly to restore your mental and physical well-being.
  • Proper relaxation: Cools down the system and re-establishes balance. When the mind and the body are always working and working too hard on a continuous basis, the system - your system - just gets less efficient. Relaxation is nature's way of recharging the body and mind. I will teach you how to tap into that beneficial recharging effects everyday. Your autonomous nervous system, responsible for your body's unconscious systems like digestion, hormonal, cardiovascular, respiratory, etc. - will be recharged.
  • Positive thinking and meditation: Puts YOU in control. Just as a car needs an intelligent driver, so the body needs a balanced mind. For the 10-Day Program, Emma will conduct a virtual early morning meditation, breathing and yoga session. For those new to meditation along with experienced meditators, you will learn to focus your mind and increase your ability to concentrate.  a daily meditation session to focus your mind and increase your ability to concentrate. Positive thinking will help you begin to experience inner peace.

  • Get back on track with healthy living,
  • Boost your energy,
  • Lose excess weight,
  • Rehydrate your body dried out by the summer heat (which is partly the reason why our immune system breaks down in the winter), 
  • Strengthen your immune system for the winter to prevent colds and flu,
  • Establish a morning meditation and yoga practice (live class every morning),
  • Integrate Eastern self-care rituals to keep your body clean,
  • Learn how to relax more in your day to day activities, and
  • Declutter and simplify your life to reduce stress further


  • A Program e-book with day-by-day meal plan, shopping list and recipes to cook your meals at home (or order in/out if you're on the road). The emphasis this Fall will be on vegetables prepared in many ways: baked, stewed, steamed, pureed/blended in soups and served with whole grains and or beans. We'll also use healing spices such as turmeric, cumin, fenugreek, black pepper, etc.
  • A self-made gratitude journal to help you feel good before bedtime
  • Evening stretches and pranayama (breathing exercise) and meditation via the internet led by Emma (and recorded for replay). A few yoga nidra evening sessions and a few morning yoga classes.
  • A daily motivational and support email from Emma to keep you on track.
  • A private FB page to build community.

When Emma was struggling with low energy levels and a depressed immune system, while working long hours as a consultant on the road, she co-formulated Zenberry: A raw, vegan superfoods protein drink mix Zenberrymix which helped her boost her immune and digestive systems, cure her sugar cravings and provide a cocktail of micro-nutrients to her body, including probiotics, enzymes, and superfoods. Apart from the 3 days of Kichadi diet in the middle of the Program, Emma will teach you how to make one immune boosting smoothie a day. She recommends the use of Zenberry for extra micro-nutrients, superfoods, probiotics, enzymes and protein, although you could choose another brand of organic vegan protein and add superfoods, probiotics and enzymes on your own or omit this addition altogether and consume a dose of 25 billions probiotics mid-afternoon.

  • The Program fee is $199 and include the kichadi. REGISTER.
  • EMMA'S KICHADI can be bought by itself HERE (3 days serving + organic sesame seeds + organic special spice blend) at anytime.

  • What do we eat? The meals are vegan and do not include eggs, fish, dairy and meat to give the digestive system some rest and enable the intestines and colon to clean up. You will eat home made soups, smoothies, simple solid foods, salads and dessert made of cooked fruit (baked pear and apples anyone?) as well as the famous and delicious kichadi. All processed foods, sugar, white flour, fried foods, meat, chicken, and alcohol are suspended. Coffee should be reduced to one cup a day or better, substituted for herbal and green tea. The meals are seasonal using Fall foods to prepare your body for the winter and will include primarily warm cooked food with easy to digest raw foods (smoothies, salads, etc).
  • I have a medical condition and take medication, can I participate? Yes you can. Contact Emma to share the specifics of your situation. She can also connect with your health care provider if you'd like. Emma will help you tailor the diet to your needs. Further, 2/3 of the Program is lifestyle related and immensely beneficial to reduce stress and support the recovery of one's health. If you self-medicate with OTC and supplements, consider whether you could take a break during the Challenge to give your liver a break. Seek advice from your doctor when in doubt.
  • If I miss a webinar or a meditation-yoga class, can I access any recording later? Yes you can. Not every meditation-yoga classes will be recorded but you will have access to several for replay on your own time and after the event is over.
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