10-Day Fall Essential Body Rejuvenation
October 18th - 29th
(Includes Kichadi + Super Spice Blend and one bottle of Zenberry)


Dress Into Your Fittest Self Yet This Fall!
10-Day Cleanse For Better Immunity and Digestion
+ A Post-Cleanse Vegan Nutrition Plan for Athletic Lifestyle and Weight Loss

  • Did you indulge a little too much this summer and trying to get back into healthy gear?
  • Do you have digestive and energy issues?
  • Tired of getting sick every winter?
  • Ready to explore how to use food for energy, healing and muscle gains?
  • Want to learn how to relax despite your busy lifestyle?

An Opportunity to Support the Lungs and Large Intestines

Every Fall Emma leads a Cleanse to transition our diet into seasonal eating, strengthen digestion and prepare the immune system to prevent winter sickness.

The Lungs and large intestines are the predominant organs of Fall. The lungs control the flow of chi around the body, the immune system as a defensive energy shield and maintain skin health. The lungs also govern proper water metabolism by directing water downwards to be eliminated, support proper blood circulation and for the artists out there govern the voice! The large intestine functions is to absorb water from feces and eliminate waste from the body. Signs of intestinal weakness are migraines,, chronic constipation, lower abdominal pain, diarrhea, and gas. Furthermore, good bacteria in the intestines, responsible for nutrient absorption and manufacture are destroyed by poor eating habits, antibiotics and stress.

In my 10-Day Program, the nutrition plan will cater to the health of the large intestines and lungs. and NEW this year:
  • Yoga for Energy, with different chakra focus.
  • Vegan plan for building muscle and support a weight lifting and exercise regimen while leaning out
Emma will lead daily virtual yoga classes targeting different chakras or energy center in the body. She will also provide participants with new pre-recorded Yoga For Energy videos they can replay anytime. In addition, the Fall is the time to hit the gym and strengthen the body, correct imbalances and if, like Emma, you're trying to build muscle after 40, the right nutrition plan can go a long way to support exercise and recovery. One way to show muscle mass is to lean out. Excess fat hides muscle tone (getting a real six pack is made in the kitchen!). After 40, it is increasingly difficult to lose fat. It helps to reduce animal fat, processed grains, starches and sugar which is why experimenting with a vegan nutrition plan during and after the detox may help. Emma will share an example of a vegan weight lifting nutrition plan.

What's on the Menu?

Phase 1. Pre-Cleanse. Prepare the Liver.
In order for the body to detoxify and rejuvenate, the liver must function well. Every toxins that enters the body through the skin, respiratory tract and digestive tract must pass through the liver. The exogenous and endogenus toxins bio-transfomation and clearing out is a function of the liver. Fat burning, which releases toxins, depends on a healthy liver. Phase 1 helps clear the liver, thin and flush the bile and activate the lymphatic system. We'll add apples and beets to our diet, seasonal soups and remove processed foods and animal products preparing for phase 2.

Phase 2. The Cleanse. Burn Fat Stores, Detoxify and Repair the Intestinal Wall.
During phase 2, we allow the body to repair and rejuvenate. We let the intestinal wall rebuild and strengthen. We turn-off inflammation throughout the body. We rest the digestive system. This phase is the real deal. DA CLEANSE! Two options will be offered: An all-out experience with the kichadi* mono diet for 4 days breakfast-lunch-dinner (kichadi blend and super spice blend provided for all 4 days) or option 2, the kichadi mono diet plus vegetables.
  • *What is Kichadi? A delicious ready-to-cook blend of organic yellow split mung beans with basmati rice, kichadi is one of the lynchpins of Ayurvedic cleansing. Easy-to-digest kichadi is fed  to Indian babies, people with frail health, or recovering from surgery.  Emma has created a healing spice blend cooked along with kichadi to detox your immune system. See picture below.
Phase 3. Post-Cleanse. Turn On The Stomach Fire and Strengthen Immunity.
In Phase 3, we turn the digestive fire back on. The stomach acid is turned back up on high, enabling easier, faster digestion with less (or no more) gas, bloating, food intolerance, etc. We re-introduce a greater diversity of foods but keep the diet gentle to continue strengthening the gut, and we rebuild good gut bacteria by supplementing probiotics. We support the digestion with digestive enzymes, and herbal teas. All recipes will be made with the foods that have the greatest immunity building ingredients. You'll keep making these recipes until the Spring! Soups, salads, cooked gluten-free grains, vegetables and legumes as well as seasonal fruit and smoothies will be on the menu, including some guilt-free dessert (brownie!!).

Bonus: If you want to change your body composition and work towards muscle gain while leaning out during the "off season", I will also share a vegan nutrition plan to support weight training. The Fall is the time to hit the gym and work on correcting posture, strengthening muscles and try new things indoors.


  • Proper diet: Fuels the body. The body gets the energy it needs to grow, work, and maintain itself from air, water and food. There is no one diet that fits all. Emma believes a proper diet is bio-individual, a concept that will be explored in depth during the 10-Day Fall Body Rejuvenation. During the Program Emma will have you take a vacation from your regular eating patterns. You'll enjoy a vegan meal program to heighten nutrient density while lowering the digestive system's workload.
  • Proper exercise: Lubricates the system and helps keep the joints, muscles and other parts of the body functioning properly by increasing circulation and flexibility. We'll practice yoga together, a little bit every day at the time that suits you best.
  • Proper breathing: Connects the body with its energy center to support and sustain activity. Find yourself out of breath? or just breathing shallowly, especially in times of stress? The Program will teach you how to breathe correctly to restore your mental and physical well-being.
  • Proper relaxation: Cools down the system and re-establishes balance. When the mind and the body are always working and working too hard on a continuous basis, the system - your system - just gets less efficient. Relaxation is nature's way of recharging the body and mind. I will teach you how to tap into that beneficial recharging effects everyday. Your autonomous nervous system, responsible for your body's unconscious systems like digestion, hormonal, cardiovascular, respiratory, etc. - will be recharged.
  • Positive thinking and meditation: Puts YOU in control. Just as a car needs an intelligent driver, so the body needs a balanced mind. For the 10-Day Program, Emma will conduct a virtual early morning meditation, breathing and yoga session. For those new to meditation along with experienced meditators, you will learn to focus your mind and increase your ability to concentrate. Positive thinking will help you begin to experience inner peace.


The Fall Essential Body Rejuvenation is unlike anything else: it leverages a 5,000 year old detoxification system known as Ayurveda Panchakarma, proven to cleanse and rejuvenate the body and mind, that has been adapted for our modern—crazy, busy, demanding—lifestyle by a woman (me!). Not to say that men won’t benefit from this program!—I’ve got active bros and a competitive bicyclist husband who look forward to this every fall. Here's why:
  • Get back on track with healthy living,
  • Boost your energy,
  • Lose excess weight,
  • Rehydrate your body dried out by the summer heat (which is partly the reason why our immune system breaks down in the winter), 
  • Strengthen your immune system for the winter to prevent colds and flu,
  • Establish a morning meditation and yoga practice (live class every morning),
  • Integrate Eastern self-care rituals to keep your body clean,
  • Learn how to relax more in your day to day activities, and
  • Declutter and simplify your life to reduce stress further


  • A Program e-book with day-by-day meal plan, shopping list and recipes to cook your meals at home (or order in/out if you're on the road). The emphasis this Fall will be on vegetables prepared in many ways: baked, stewed, steamed, pureed/blended in soups and served with whole grains and or beans. We'll also use healing spices such as turmeric, cumin, fenugreek, black pepper, etc.
  • Daily yoga stretches and pranayama (breathing exercise) and meditation via the internet led by Emma (videos for replay). A few yoga nidra evening sessions on the weekend.
  • A daily motivational and support email from Emma to keep you on track.
  • A private FB page to build community.
  • A bonus sample vegan nutrition plan to support an exercise regimen to gain muscle and lean out.


What is Zenberry? In short, essential nutrition in one bottle. A vegan, raw ,organic, and wildcrafted superfood protein drink mix. A vegan, raw ,organic, and wildcrafted superfood protein drink mix. Some formulas include probiotics and enzymes. Contains no gluten, soy, dairy, corn, or added sugar. 

When Emma was struggling with low energy levels and a depressed immune system, while working long hours as a consultant on the road, she co-formulated Zenberry.

Apart from the 4 days of Kichadi diet in the middle of the Program, Emma will teach you how to make one immune boosting smoothie a day that also promotes healthy digestion and bowel movements (the poop smoothie!).

Please let us know which Zenberry flavor you want in the Comments box when you order the Fall Body Rejuv.


  • The Early Bird is $161.10 until September 30th. Then the price will go back to its $179 fee. The fee includes the kichadi, super spice blend as well as one bottle of Zenberry, a $113 value. REGISTER HERE.


  • What do we eat? The meals are vegan and do not include eggs, fish, dairy and meat to give the digestive system some rest and enable the intestines and colon to clean up. You will eat home made soups, smoothies, simple solid foods, salads and dessert made of cooked fruit (baked pear and apples anyone?) as well as the famous and delicious kichadi. All processed foods, sugar, white flour, fried foods, meat, chicken, and alcohol are suspended. Coffee should be reduced to one cup a day or better, substituted for herbal and green tea. The meals are seasonal using Fall foods to prepare your body for the winter and will include primarily warm cooked food with easy to digest raw foods (smoothies, salads, etc).
  • I have a medical condition and take medication, can I participate? Yes you can. Contact Emma to share the specifics of your situation. She can also connect with your health care provider if you'd like. Emma will help you tailor the diet to your needs. Further, 2/3 of the Program is lifestyle related and immensely beneficial to reduce stress and support the recovery of one's health. If you self-medicate with OTC and supplements, consider whether you could take a break during the Challenge to give your liver a break. Seek advice from your doctor when in doubt.
  • Is it safe for pregnant moms? Yes it is. The program includes some modifications to prevent the detoxification process to protect the baby and instead focus on the recipes which boost energy, immune system strength and care for a healthy gut and microbiome. The foods eaten are very diverse which would expose baby to various tastes (carrot, apples, pears, beets, leafy greens, lentils, gluten free whole grains, etc.). All of which will benefit baby.
  • If I miss a webinar or a meditation-yoga class, can I access any recording later? Yes you can. Emma will have pre-recorded several yoga videos that you can replay at your convenience.
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