What inspired me to change career and leave a $$$$ job


At 22, I moved out of my home country and settled alone in Sweden with just a suitcase to start a new life.

Three years ago, I walked away from my dream corporate job in NYC, after working relentlessly for 15 years to get it. I also gave up a possible 7 figure salary with promises of a very wealthy lifelong retirement. I took a 50% salary cut, and started my own company.

This morning, I had breakfast with a man I had never met before. He is in his mid-forties, Harvard educated, and working in Finance. He had read my book, "Feeding Success: A nutrition Blueprint to Fuel Business Professionals and Business Travelers", and contacted me asking if we could meet. He said that my book had inspired him to make a very big change in his life. He said, "You've inspired me to look hard for what I was passionate about and take action". He invested in creating a business he is passionate about and live the entrepreneurial life in his 50's, 60's and beyond, away from Wall Street.
Feeding Success book in Coney Island

We talked about where our inspiration for change comes from and what leads us to take action and go beyond the fear of failure. Do you know where your inspiration comes from? Or, alternatively, do you know what keeps you stuck? The answer to both questions is the same.


While I inspired my "fan" Rob to take action, ultimately the confidence to take action came from Rob, himself. The answer to "What am I passionate about? What business or career should I invest in and build?" came from deep within. His taking action stemmed from self-confidence, trust in his abilities to make it, and the ultimate knowledge of what makes him happy.

What prevents us from taking action and keeps us coming up with all the excuses justifying our lack of action (it's too risky; I have a mortgage; I have children; I've invested so much time and energy in my current career; what if I fail? etc.) is ultimately a lack of self-confidence and trust in ourselves. It may also be a lack of clarity as to what we really want, or a lack of honesty about what makes us truly happy.
I left Corporate America because I felt so strongly about the importance of my message and the urgency of sharing it: You are what you eat, your food becomes your physical body and by extension your thoughts and emotions. What you eat directly affects your self-confidence, trust in yourself and clarity and honesty towards what makes you happy. It propels you into action.

Shane graduation

As my boyfriend told me when he resigned 6 years early from his super-secure NYPD detective job (with 14 years invested): Shane said, "I knew it was time to take action when I started dreading going to work and the negatives outnumbered the positives. I felt confident and trusted my Zenberry was the very best product on the market (and still do) and that I could develop it into something great". When Shane left his job two years ago, Zenberry was not providing him with a salary and the company is still in its infancy. He does not get access to his previous job's pension and benefits for another 4 years (6 yrs from when he left). But the confidence, trust, passion, inspiration is there and is fueled from within him and he is doing what he loves. He is happy.

So what can you do to fuel your own inspiration for change in your life? To create your best life, your best body, your best job, your best relationship or whatever else is most important for you?

  • Look at your plate.
  • Look at what your glass.
  • Look at your lifestyle.
  • Look at the people you surround yourself with.
  • Do that every day, at every meal. Make the connection between how you feed your body and your mind with the nurturing of your self-confidence, self-awareness and trust in yourself. Choose an inspiring and action promoting diet and lifestyle.

Another important question to ask yourself and which influences greatly your decision-making process when it comes to change is: What are you willing to sacrifice to take action?
I gave up 50% of my salary and no guarantee I will make it. Shane had to give up his condo and town he loved.
We have no regrets (although there are those rough moments when you look back at the easier, more secure life we had!).

"Fortune favors the bold" - You don't have to make a decision to take action now, but if you want to move closer to that decision-point and the natural comfort that comes with that moment you feel ready, pay attention to how you feed yourself, physically, emotionally and mentally. When I was 30 years old (7 years before resigning from PwC) I was very sick and diagnosed with Grave's Disease. I was nowhere close to have this conversation about my passions. What is my purpose? What do I want to do next? I was consumed with my disease and healing my health. My self-confidence and self-awareness was ZERO. There is nothing more important than your health. It starts there.

So there is a continuum of growth to develop inspiration and a call to action, to develop self-confidence and trust in ourselves. It starts with that very next step involving nutrition, exercise, sleep, hydration, etc. Your next meal is your very next step. I'd love to help you get this started by helping you execute small consistent steps that will build a stronger healthier body and mind. It is really simple when you have someone to show you the ropes.

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