Top 10 Lessons My Clients Learned


How's your autumn doing? Fall feels like Spring for me. It is always filled with new energy, reconnecting with goals, inspiration for betterment and creative vision to develop Goji Fitness and Zenberry. I work with some very talented clients, leaders in their industry, entrepreneurs, creators, artists, athletes, teachers, etc. and I just completed my 10-Day Essential Rejuvenation Program last week. It was an all virtual program and so much fun (see below one picture a participant to one virtual pranayama and yoga session sent me. Her whole family was doing it together).
Family Yoga over the internet_copy

I wanted to share with you the top 10 lessons my clients learned and that they would like to share with you, in their own words. Each of these lessons were big catalysts for the transformation of their health. There is wisdom in each of us, let's listen and learn from each others experiences:

Lesson 1 - My body, my choice
  • "I don't have to apologize for the way I choose to care for my body. If I need space to meditate, I can ask for it. If everyone at a party is having lasagna, and I stick to the vegetable plate, that's my choice. I know what my body needs to feel healthy and I am entitled to make those choices. Conversely, it is important not to judge others' choices." - Aimee
  • "I have decided that no matter where I am and what I am doing, I have to take control over what I put in my body. For example, for Thanksgiving, I have decided to volunteer making a salad and some veggies so I can eat those first versus eating the other "indulgent" foods and regretting it later. It means we get a little creative and put in some extra effort but it is worth it."- Shreya
Lesson 2 - Deconstruct your cravings
  • "I learned that I was overfeeding myself to compensate for some other emotional issues and was doing so without thinking. I'm eating much more consciously now and my body is much happier with 3 meals + 1 snack a day (versus several!). I've learned to listen to my body - is it actually hungry? For the first time in my life! And if I'm still craving something unhealthy, I try to analyze what unaddressed issue am I actually missing." - Shreya
Lesson 3- Set your own healthy living and eating rules and live by them
  • "'don't overeat', 'allow 12 hours between eating at night', 'portions are what they should be-small' - This advice runs through my head when I make food choices--eager to see if the blood sugar, the extra weight can actually finish getting better! I am excited to go food shopping now with a list of healthy foods and recipes and designate what food will enter my body! A fun game now, to see what I can control!" - Kathy
Lesson 4 - Be Authentic
  • "I realized the importance of telling people what I think, what I feel without constantly being apologetic." - Maria
Lesson 5 - Respect, listen to your body and do right by it
  • "Through this program and moving forward, I'm putting my health and body first, versus earlier when I would put work first and suffer through it. We ignore our bodies signs too often, and this leads to eventual disease states. The body is talking to us all the time. It works so terribly hard for us, the least we can do is respect that and listen to it.
Lesson 6- It's ok to let go of control
  • " I wake up feeling positive about the day ahead no matter what’s in store. I don’t pretend to know exactly how things will turn out. I now leave the possibility for surprise." - Carolina
Lesson 7 - Yoga, as a lifestyle, practice of stillness and delivered in its original tradition, is good for you
  • "I did enjoy a lot doing yoga every morning. It taught me how to sit better, how to relax and helped me falling asleep at night." - Eve
  • "I always thought that I wasn't a morning person and believed that could never change, but I have started enjoying the quiet and peace of the pre-dawn hour doing yoga and breathing and have decided to continue on that path. I feel uncomfortable if I miss it!" - Shreya
Lesson 8 - Create stillness in your life, connect with nature as often as possible, and remove clutter to access your inner self
  • "Among my realizations: I am making more time for stillness including around me in my house with decluttering."-Pamela
  • "I have taken Emma's advice to relax, go to nature and spend time in silence and with myself. Although followed by my husband, I felt quite myself with me on this yoga retreat on the weekend in the south of Sweden. The woods were magic. We came home and I wrote a big chunk of text, inspired"- Veronika
  • "I am writing in the nature of New York City today. Morning meditation and a wonderfully warm breakfast of oats, apples, cinnamon, and walnuts, and I feel totally at peace to write" -Aimee
Lesson 9 - Eat a simple, nurturing and nutrient-dense plant-based diet to support your body to re-balance itself by itself.
  • "Eating such diet enabled me to lose 5lbs in 10 days, reduce by half my insulin, reduce my cancer markers significantly and increase my energy levels" - Anonymous"
  • I lost 9lbs in 10 days, all my cravings are gone, my bowel movements are regular, and my menstruation for the first time is asymptomatic" - Anonymous
  • "I do feel more peaceful, less stressed and I guess that daily yoga practice combined with sattvic diet is helping a lot with tensions I experience around my digestive system as well as migraines" - Anonymous
  • "My IBS is under control" - Anonymous
Lesson 10 - Trust the process and trust your wellness guide
  • "The most important thing I learned from Emma is to Trust the Process. So many times we doubt the process because frankly we are uncomfortable with change or we have doubts about the changes we can actually make. But if we truly trust the information and guidance from Emma (and other trustworthy leaders), our perspectives change and the results naturally follow. I've done other detoxes unsuccessfully because I did not trust the process or the person." Simone

Thank you to all my wonderful clients for sharing their wisdom.
What are some of YOUR lessons learned over the years as you started to improve your health?