How to create effortless success?


I hope this blog finds you well. This week is my last week in India and I am preparing my transition back to the US. I'll be back to teaching fitness and nutrition in NYC on Tuesday September 1.

Today, I feel like I've gone full circle in my health journey which started 9 years ago after being diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder. It forced me to reorganize my life to make my health #1 priority and as I did, that first year, amazing things started to happen beyond healing: The better I was taking care of myself, the more success I generated at work and in my personal life, and the happier I felt. This positive spiral continued until I felt so strong emotionally and mentally and so vibrantly healthy in my body that it created a state of independence that enabled me to part from my -awesome and beloved- corporate job to pursue the path of entrepreneurship. This story of how caring for the self leads to career success was the idea behind my book Feeding Success which then presented 5 milestones to reach that state of optimum functioning of the body and mind for the busy professional and business traveler (and anyone else really).

I come full circle today because in my Yoga Teacher Training as well we have been schooled by our teachers that success is effortless! This idea, central in my book, aligns perfectly with the yoga philosophy I studied in Rishikesh (there is no such thing as an original idea!) but now I am leaving India with a renewed energy to continue on my path and many new tools and techniques to further my journey.

So today I'd like to shift your mindset about achieving success in your life, rekindle you with the idea that success is effortless, and inspire you to take action. It is hard to understand at first because since our youngest age we've been told that we needed to work hard and make sacrifices to succeed in life. And in fact, it seems that more effort leads to even more effort, as the stakes get greater and our material possessions and commitments increase, have you noticed that? So how can success be effortless?
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We all are aspirant of success in our lives and want a version of these four measures of success:
  • Health, peace and happiness,
  • Prosperity, which can be defined as comfortably comfortable,
  • Mutual satisfaction in our relationships, and
  • A constructive role to play in our lives.

And I tell you from experience and now academic studies, that you can achieve such success effortlessly, when you discover and realize your full potential. It is the use of your full potential that makes success manifest effortlessly.

How do you realize your full potential? When you focus your efforts on developing and maintaining the discipline of a healthy lifestyle which will make you physically independent and mentally and emotionally strong. In other words, it is not financial wealth that should be the subject of your focused effort, but rather caring for your health and maintaining it by establishing a discipline behind your way of living. And even that, after a while will become effortless as it is turned into a habit.
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So when it comes to success, a better question to evaluate the state of affairs in your life today is: "Am I in a life I find successful and can I maintain it effortlessly?" Effortlessly here implies two things:
  • That you have reached a level of ease, a certain mastery in achieving the measure of your success, and
  • That you are independent in your ability to maintain such success. Independence is linked to the state of my health, both mentally (I am at peace and happy in the life I created) and physically (my body functions optimally, free of ailments, medications, doctors, nurses, etc.). If you are not independent, if you cannot take care of your own health (digestion issues, sleep issues, physical pain making it hard to stand or move freely, etc.), how can you maintain success? Because let's be honest, our families can only handle our sickness for so long before calling for professional help... They have other things to do!
So creating and maintaining success depends on us being physically independent and mentally and emotionally strong. Knowing how to take care of our body, mind, and emotions is what puts us in the leadership role of our life. And the healthier we individually are, the more we'll be in the driver seat, in-tune and comfortable with ourselves which translates into effortless success. Success is nothing more than the expression of your human potential and when you reach it fully, wealth in its many forms comes effortlessly.
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Here are the 4 steps where my journey began 9 years ago and where I have been helping my clients achieve progress for themselves.
  • Step 1- Observe yourself and educate yourself. Do you know how your various bodily systems work? I am talking about understanding how your own nervous system, endocrine system, musculoskeletal system, digestive system, circulatory system and respiratory system work and managing them even under stress. Do you know for sure why you have any issues in your body? What causes your aches and pains, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, poor sleep, etc.?
  • Step 2- Adopt a structured approach to building your health from the ground up. There are no shortcut to becoming healthy. All the bodily systems interact and depend on one another for balance and affect each other when exposed to stressors. In the ancient Vedic text Taittirya Upanishad, there are five sheaths to the human body and each sheath is the foundation for the next one: a) The food body (physical body); b) the energy body; c) the mind body; d) the knowledge-intellect; e) the bliss-spiritual body. Start with focusing on reestablishing balance in your physical body, keeping in mind why you are doing it, ie prepare the ground for the other sheaths.
  • Start with healing your physical body by eating the right food and doing the right kind of exercise for you. There is not one diet that fits everyone. You are bio-individual and have unique needs. However, there are some general principles about what constitutes a health food and what does not as explained in my book and other blogs on this website. The yogic diet is a Sattvic diet. It promotes a meditative way of life where afflictions of the mind, emotional disturbances are considerably reduced and which promotes vigorous physical health. Experiment to find what works for you.
  • Learn how to control your mind, to limit the number of afflictions and experience peace of mind. There are various techniques but my favorite is through mastering the art of breathing. Note that the state of the mind affects the health of the physical body too. 
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or how my growth is your growth and your growth is my growth. We can be successful simultaneously.

The 4 points above have been in practice in my life for quite some time and have become habits. I have derived tremendous benefits from these healthy habits but I am ready for the next level, the higher spheres of the five sheaths! I am not here to brag, rather, I believe that as a teacher I cannot teach something I have not experienced for myself. So as I increase my knowledge and my personal experience of that knowledge, I will also be able to raise the value of my business services and better help you.

So I decided to operate under stronger values more consistently when I get home:
  • Notice myself more: make myself the object of observation everyday, without being judgmental nor making a conclusion as there is no need to conclude. This is not about being narcissistic but by noticing myself, I will be able to consciously make further changes to my behaviors. This is an excellent method to cure addictions as it increases concentration.
  • Seek an attitude of contentment and happiness, all the time. Only if I am happy will I be able to do what I have to do diligently. When I am happy, it is easier to stick to a healthy diet, my exercise regimen, my sleep schedule, etc.
  • Be in the present moment. This will enable me to better control my thoughts (less thoughts about the past and the future), and raise the quality of my actions which will further enhance my life and limit mental afflictions (regret, sadness, fear, guilt, etc.)
  • Be in good company. Seek the company of the people who seek mine.
  • Live consciously, accept life for what it is and stop complaining. When you have a sense of nature, meaning that you think that things are exactly happening the way they are supposed to, it drops the ego and really brings about peace of mind and happiness.
  • Be non-violent towards myself and others. I certainly did not harm anyone, including animals while in vegetarian Rishikesh! I also learned how to work within my physical limitations on the yoga mat and speak to myself with more love. I had several rough emotional moments during my trip and there too, I took care of myself.
  • Be truthful, which includes towards myself. India was the beginning of a deep dive into the philosophical question"who am I". I especially worked at recognizing and accepting my shortcomings. I also had a few difficult conversations I had been avoiding/postponing with people I care about.
  • Perform all my daily activities feeling more relaxed. Relaxation, how to relax is going to be a big theme for me and my Gojifitness programs this year. Stay tuned.
  • Perform meditation and yoga asanas daily, 6 times a week. Asanas steady the mind and build comfort in the body to be able to meditate and increase happiness. I also intend to join an Ashtanga Misore practice twice a week if I find a teacher I like.
  • Maintain a spiritual diary to document my progress against all of the above.
However poor India may be, it is the richest cultural society, with over 10,000 years of civilization. India also embodies unity in diversity with over 250 dialects, and a different tradition every 20 km. All religions cohabit peacefully as well. India helped me raise my standards of living this year and I am looking forward to the challenge to honoring them in busy and individualist NYC.

FREE CONSULT WITH ME. If you are interested in defining your own higher standards of living for yourself, wherever you are in your health journey (a beginner or seasoned health nut) and use my help to hold you accountable and support you in their execution, contact me for a free consultation on this website.
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