A little tour of Rishikesh and my Yoga school

I am completing my first 5 days in Yoga Teach Training in Rishikesh India, amidst the Shiva Festival (pilgrimage) and wanted to share that experience with you. You'll notice at the beginning of the movie pilgrims, 99% men, who are flooding the city wearing orange Shiva T-shirts. They are making it a little intimidating to walk in the city streets. You will see the Ganges River, the village of Rham Jula with its narrow streets and little super stores where I get water and other simple necessities and my school Rishikesh Jog Peeh. The Krishna Cottage (green house) where I eat my simple sattvic meals three times a day and my yoga studio. And of course you'll see the mountains surrounding the town with the monsoon pouring on the green lush foliage. The videos were taken from the yoga studio windows which is located on the roof top of the building where I live. I was not able to make footage of the GIANT monkey that keeps looking at us and run from window to window during our yoga practice. He is so big that he makes the studio floor tremble just by running outside... Also, this morning another monkey held the door of a fellow student's dormitory room closed with both of its arms extended the door! She was screaming "help! help!" as she was stuck inside her room. The lodge managers had to come up to scare the monkey away and let her out.... We're still laughing about it! ANNOUNCEMENT Next Friday I will start to share with you a few yoga videos to introduce you to some of the poses and routines I will teach you step by step during the October Gourmet Detox (registration will open on September 1). This year's Detox will also include an introduction to meditation and pranayama (breathing techniques). If you are joining me to the self health retreats (www.selfhealthretreats.com) on September 25-28, I will work hands-on your body during our yoga asanas, and teach you some pranayama and support you to practice over the weekend.